Admob unprocessed payment


usually by the 1st to the 3rd day of every month i get a notification email about my earnings getting processed from admob, it has been year now and every month admob sent my earning through wire with no delays. But for some reason, this wasn’t the case for this month, it’s 9th of November now, and i haven’t heard anything from’em about my September earnings (around 420$ which are far above the minimum threshold), no email, no notification, nothing…

September revenue hasn’t been deducted from my estimated earnings yet, i haven’t changed anything in my payment info (wire transfer worked fine for the last year), am still using the old admob. The only change i’ve made was releasing a new app, in the middle of September, that went relatively viral and doubled my earnings during that month. Other than that, i have no idea why admob hasn’t processed my payment yet :frowning:

Any of you guys went through similar problem?

same me …

It’s 11 November, and still no updates :confused: is there any support mail address to contact google about payment issues?

i am using old admob. For me, the september earning is deducted from estimated earnings and i hope i will receive it by 18th of this month. I used to check with this mail id for the payment issue,
[email protected].

I checked my admob account as well. I have switched over to the new admob, however i had around $15 left on the old Admob. It was processed and payed out November 4 - but still not received in my PayPal account. However, I noticed that this month there wasn’t sent out any notification about payment.

I think with the new admob the timelines have changed.

“In accordance with our payment cycle, these account balances that meet the payment threshold are sent for payment processing, which takes place approximately from the 1st to the 21st of every month. Within the first few days of payment processing period, earning details are posted as line items on the Payments history page. After the 21st, finalized earnings are released for payment, as long the necessary steps to get paid are complete.”

Last month I received a notification on the 22nd and payment a few days after.

I have heard about some cases where the payment are processed and the revenues are deducted from estimated earning without any notification mails, but this isn’t the case for me.

that’s a bit relieving, i guess i will wait til the 3 weeks periods comes to an end, and if admob didn’t proceeded september revenues i will try to contact them via the mail provided by spr.

[QUOTE=Mouadh;26123]I have heard about some cases where the payment are processed and the revenues are deducted from estimated earning without any notification mails, but this isn’t the case for me.

What I meant was that this month was the first time I didn’t get notification e-mail from the old Admob, probably no-one did…

Anyway you should got payment from september already. I got it on the 25th of october if I’m not mistaken.
The new admob pays in less than a month.

It turn out that admob has made a mistake and didn’t took my account into consideration for this month’s payment. I contacted them and they replied by this mail :

We have reviewed your inquiry and account. There appears to have been an error in this month’s payment selection process and your account was not picked up. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We have noted this error and your account will be included in our December payment cycle. Thank you!

that’s a first for me, but at least the mistery has been resolved :cool:

how come in less than a month? isnt it the end of each month?

Of course, after the month has passed. I meant you will receive payment in about 25 days. (Less than Net 30)

On the old admob it was more than Net 60, at least for me.

Can you please tell me what email you used to contact them? I have been searching for hours to get some information or a contact number/ email with no luck. Thanks in advance.

it’s : [email protected]

Looks like I have similar same problem. I switched to new AdMob on beginning of September and everything was ok till now. I still haven’t received any notification about September revenue processing. In old AdMob account I still have left some money from September, but it doesn’t meet wire transfer threshold and looks like that money is lost.

I have the same problem , should i contact with admob to solve my problem???