Admob - Too many impressions


For the past 2 days I’ve seen a dramatic increase of impressions for one of my games. I mean 5 times more impressions than usual yesterday and 7 times more impressions today (and we’re at the middle of the day).

I wouldn’t normally mind this but my stats show that the game has been played the same amount of times today as it has been for the past month. So there is absolutely no improvement there.

Did anyone experience this (a huge jump of impressions)?

:eek: Not with me,

either way no harm done?

I’ve read so many people getting banned from Admob that I worry whenever I see something strange. And that increase in impressions I am seeing does not provide a lot of comfort.

PS: Yesterday’s impressions were 15 times more compared to normal days.

Not really sure if admob still runs CPM campaigns… If u have only big numbers of impressions and not Clicks, then u r safe. Also, check from which region u have increase in impressions. Few months ago we had big amount of misclicks from Unknown location, and if u do have it, ur best bet would be to email admob support for this issue.

CTR, eCPM fluctuate as usual. The only big change is the number of impressions which was 15 times more yesterday. Obviously, with eCPM being the same, my revenues for that game are 15 times more.

Seems like you are lucky. You must have got a lot of downloads somewhere - maybe on alternative store (Amazon?)?

Yeah, I finally found an explanation.

Looks like my game was featured on the SlideMe Market. It now has 11k downloads and last time I checked it had around 3k. So I guess I got around 8k new users from SlideMe.

Apparently the version I uploaded on SlideMe didn’t have my tracking system implemented. I added that one after I released the game on SlideMe.

So problem solved!

PS: It’s so nice to be featured, even if it’s on a small marketplace. Being featured on Google Play would have given me 10 times more installs probably.