AdMob terrible RPM this morning, anyone else?

I checked my AdMob report when I woke up this morning, and I’ve barely made any money today. I have a fairly normal number of impressions for this time of day (9k at 5am PST), but my RPM is 0.13 when normally it’s 0.42 at least. As usual, the bulk of my impressions are from the US and Germany, but they’re just not making much.

Is anyone else seeing an abnormally low RPM today?

Edit: Okay, I realized that my CTR is very low today for some reason. Maybe the ads are just not compelling today.

same with me :frowning: revenue drop from $150 to $3 :frowning:

Wow, that’s brutal. Glad to hear it’s not just me, but I sure hope it gets back to normal for all of us soon. That can’t be right.

WTF I guess Google is saving up the money to pay for lawyers by robbing admob publishers.

All golden on my end. Are you all on the old Admob?

I don’t think so–I just started in March. How can I tell for sure?

you guys know that admobs statistical data can be late up to 48 hours?

btw.: revenue is based on available inventory and therefore mainly depends on advertisers not admob. If you get crappy ads, no-one will click them, it’s not the fault of admob then :slight_smile:

I know the stats can be late, but is it common for impressions to be increasing as normal but clicks not to update? I’m seeing the normal number of impressions, just a very unusually low number of clicks today.

And yes, crappy ads was actually my first theory. Although I thought that now that I’m in the 50k/day impressions range, that should have started to smooth out.

Oh well, nothing to do but wait and see. Thanks for the reply.

Its most likely just a glitch in the system (happens once a month these days), but things could just be crap for that day like suggested.

Oh and if you’re on then you’re on the new Admob. The old one is just

In that case I’m on the new one, thanks.

over the past years I’ve experienced a lot of fluctuations … I’ve just stopped looking on it at a daily basis … I just watch it regulary if I release a new game (I use that as some sort of gauging).

In the long run (especially when >50k imps) you can clearly spot when someone started a bigger campaign, the ads will be more targeted then and the ctr will rise a bit and so will revenue. Between those bigger campaigns you will get a lot of “filling material” like generic adsense ads mixed into your inventory to keep a good fillrate. But because those are not very targeted most of the time (and often also are pretty crappy). The less admob inventory the more untargeted ads you get. Those will get less clicks by nature.

It is possible that this will happen and it also will not happen to everyone, because we all may have different audiences, and maybe there is currently not much targeted inventory for your app, you will see this in your stats.

Those 24-48h late updates normally are adsense fillings, so if you see a low fill rate (which will be updated later) you got ads from outside admob displayed (meaning inventory is low)

Not sure if all this is still true for the new admob, but as I can see all of that is still applicable :slight_smile:

I don’t even think it has much of anything to do with targeting. Some ads are simply more enticing than others, which means they’ll always have a higher CTR. Other ads may have a normal or low CTR, but a high revenue per click (RPC). The best ads will of course have a high CTR and a high RPC. If you get a campaign with good CTR and good RPC you’re going to have a good week. :slight_smile:

Another thing to keep in mind is that the RPC is determined by a sort of auction between advertisers, so the RPC goes up when many advertisers want to advertise at the same time.

not with me, mine seems normal if not increased…

Wow, for how many impressions is that ?

we have a huge click down on 5/31 and 6/1 (from 500 to 24), any one has the same issue? How do we contact admob?

Try to admob-publisher-support at

But Admob has the gold medal in “Worst Customer Service Ad Network in the World”. Expect no answer, or answer after 1-2 weeks.

Hey all
So now since may is over, how was it compared to previous months? In my case my revenue dropped from 360$ to 270$.i know still low number compared to you high earners but it is just side job for me. I still don’t like that it went down that much

I have the same problem 4 days ago, my ctr dropped from 6% to 0.7% and I think it’s a problem with admob because when I click over any ads, it doesn’t load anything. My clicks dropped from 1k to 245 and getting a revenue of 2USD with the same amount of impressions. I hope they fix it quickly.

My RPM is a bit weaker for June so far, compared with the last few weeks.