Admob Suspended Today Very Pissed Off

I was making $7500-$9,000 a month and today My Admob/Adsense got suspended. So bye bye $250-$300 a day. Google can Kiss my ass. All my apps were compliant. I have no control over what other users do to my apps. I have no control over users who steal your apps and add other adnetworks to your apk files and publish over seas on china. APK files got no security anyone old fool can decompile app and steal your info.

How the **** can my apps show fake virus prompts, Install fake apps to users devices when ADMOB was the only ****ing adnetwork I used in my App. I got like 50 of these emails below in like a 6 month period before I got suspended today.

Violation explanation

FAKE DOWNLOADS OR MALWARE: As stated in our program policies, applications displaying AdMob ads may not issue fake system errors, attempt to distribute viruses, or automatically initiate prompts to download software or apps.

Action required: Check account for compliance

While ad serving has been disabled to the above app, your AdMob account remains active. We suggest that you take the time to review the rest of your applications to ensure that they’re in compliance with our policies, and to monitor your apps accordingly to reduce the likelihood of future policy emails from us. Additionally, please note that our team reserves the right to disable accounts at any time if we continue to see violations occurring.

NONE OF MY ****ING APPS DO THIS SHIT. Google is only ****ing themselves since they do 50/50 rev share so they ****ing themselves also $7500 to 9,000 a month. Whatever you make on admob google also makes that amount from you. They just ****ed me, Themselves and their ****ing shareholders.

They will never respond to the ****ing appeal email, they will just sit on thier fat asses and smoke a big ****ing joint.

Now I have to sell all my ****ing shit on eBay to survive the next 2 months until i build up another adnetwork.

All 3 of my accounts are still safe, and all my ****ing apps are still on google play. If my ****ing apps were sending viruses dont you think they would suspend the ****ing apps. They aare ****ing dipshits.

Sorry you went through this.

Any suspicion it is related to your lockscreens with admob and fan? Did those particular apps get the warning?

Other than that, you have made so much money every single month and now you need to sell your things in ebay? You saved nothing?!? I used to make a fraction of that money, like 800/month, and I still saved what kept me running for 1 yr after my ban.

Just switch to another network. Choose wisely. Some of them still have plenty of anti-virus ads.

So it’s the whole Admob account that got banned or only one app? You still need to appeal this decision. A few months back I also got one of the apps suspended from Admob, I made a few changes within the app, sent an appeal to Admob and in 2 days I got my app reapproved, and it servers ads till now. And the app was making way less than you are…so go ahead and appeal, but make sure you calm down and don’t write to them being so angry because they just might ignore your letter :smiley:

Good luck!

Admob is bad ass. So how many apps that can help you to earn like $7000 a month?

Sorry for your loss my friend.
Fùck Google.
Why would anyone use such fùckers as ad network.
Beside they can suspend your developer account any time they can do the same for your adsense/admob shit.
Fùck them all.

I wish you best of luck to rise again from this shit.
Google got me a year ago because some asshole fùck decompiled my apps to republish them and when he got banned they banned me too.
Those fùckers do not care about you or me or anyone else.

Don’t let them bring you down.
Get up and fight back.

and again.

Best of luck buddy.

Android apk has nothing in terms of security. But we have to live with it.

Sorry to hear that buddy… Was your account suspended or ony the ad serving of specific app? I have experienced that too but luckily I got it restored after two months… They are replying my email once a week…!!

This is exactly the reason why i hate using their ad network, money service etc etc, their bot is just way too screw up, it is as if your hard work mean nothing, unless you are a big gun like Gameloft/Glue etc etc, **** them, I already sense this will be an issue since their adsense banning like in old times. Use their free service, don’t use their ad service/monetary service. sorry for your loss sir, You are a tremendous figure in android app forum, it just sad to hear this kind of thing especially from dev like you. i hope you can regain faster to update all of your app to other ad network soon.

Sorry to hear about your loss.
One of my apps had stopped showing admob ads and i made an appeal after fixing said issues. Ads were resumed within 24 hours.

I think you should try making an appeal after making the changes as they said.
Be little polite with them.

I too making USD 11000+ per month these days with admob. Though i was expecting UDD 14000. But all networks are down these days. So its ok. Its ringing bell for me too to check my apps with such virus stuff.

Good Luck. Hope to get things solved for you.

Sorry to hear that. has a partnership with Google AdX which has the same type of demand as Admob for interstitials and videos.

Give us a try if you don’t end up getting your admob account back up.


wow super cool. if u can tell, how much total u make per month from all sources combined?

already try FAN ?, still looking better than admob :smiley:

these numbers are really nice, you always had a strong portfolio.
keep them coming.

Its varying actually. From USd13500 to USD15000 per month. Mostly from admob.

All ad networks are shi.tty nowadays. That’s why I want to try IAP and Unity3d. Apple, Apple TV, Google Play(ads only;/), Amazon, windows store. One game project to get cash from all stores. With IAP you can have CPI all time, 0,20$ for install, even 0,50$, cash will always come back to you from purchases. With IAP you need only 1000 users to make the same what 100k users with ads.
I am not using admob for 2013 because their policy, I still have good standing account but it’s very risky.

Who is good for that? TapJoy? I tried setting up tapjoy in a reskin app but when I click on to get more coins in my app it says no ads available to display, does the app have to be published on google to work?