admob / Suddenly lost impressions?

I just watched a wierd thing …

today fillrate was nearly 100% the whole day … just some minutes before I refresh my stats and suddenly half of the impressions (not requests) are gone! :huh:

So my clickrate (clicks stays the same) makes a big jump upwards … dont get me wrong, it looks quite nice now - haha

But that really is a strange thing, I’ve lost a nearly 50k impressions … they were there before and in the next minute they were gone.

Any idea what happened? That was the first time that this happened maybe it has to do with the fact, that i shut off or reduce auto refresh rate yesterday?

My CTR was instantly doubled and so was my eCPM … values for yesterday stayed the same. It still looks quite legal, so no problem with that but I am curious if that happened to one of you before?

…maybe thats temporarily … funny :slight_smile:

I come across the same situation. Strange!

Maybe they now do not count an ad as impression if you get the same ad after auto refresh. (yes that happen quite frequently)

Happily my CTR is now near 4% which is good for eCPM also - looks much better now. Could be that users complained about that …

ok, as every day at exactly 16:30 (GMT+0) the extra clicks from the day before (adsense) arrived in the stats.

Quite more interessting: also the fillrate was at 100% again (yesterday)

until yesterday impressions where counted immediatly (adsense impressions too) - now the adsense impressions seem to come late also.

So fillrate is no laggy too (before only the clicks were laggy)


Gives me a chance to see my admob fillrate before the adsense fills show up in the stats. That’s actually kinda nice.

hmm … admob does not show ALL requests in the first place … i just received another bunch of additional request for yesterday … no idea what they are doing internally :slight_smile:

I suppose when these changes are seen at your scales, they are easy to spot. I have trouble seeing the one or two impression differences with my stats.

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