Admob Stealing Money

Admob is a scam. On 6/30/2018, They said I had $2.21 in earnings for the day and $70 in total earnings for the month. In the next hour, that had reduced to $1.39 in earnings for the day and $69 for the month. They are stealing my money. Why won’t they publish listed clicks and times so it is less of a scam.

@rawmud :smiley: Admob is not scam and what you see is just the detraction of what they call earnings from accidental clicks. It is done at the end of the month. You are a new entry now but you will see on the next months/years that Admob, Facebook and maybe 2-3 other networks will become your point of reference.


Thank you for your response. They should publish this. How do they figure out which click is accidental? Is it based on a specific percentage?

@rawmud It is published somewhere but I’m lazy to find it now. Most probably they look at the reaction of users when the ad is clicked: when the user press immediately the back button after the ad is clicked then it must be an accidental click. We all have small detractions from accidental clicks and your numbers seems on the norm. Facebook on the other hand, if catches you with many accidental clicks, just ban your ad placement and you need to update your app, so the admob solution is very much wellcomed.

There’s a quite an easy way to figure out whether a company is scam or not. It’s imossible for a best deal to find you it’s ussualy vice versa.
And if somebody calls you wuth any offer just block them. There’s a way to check whether the phone number was previously reported as a scam. Here’s a Texas database It’s quite easy to block the number on your phone. There’s an option in contacts app.
I’ve been taking endless calls from a payday loan company to repay a credit for some other guy, there were a few threats, it turned out that a lot of people reported this number to be a scam. Be careful with these guys.

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I feel your frustration with Admob’s earnings fluctuations. It’s disheartening when you see your earnings change without a clear explanation.

Hey, I can understand your frustration with the earnings fluctuations on Admob. It can be frustrating when it’s not clear how your earnings are calculated. While I can’t speak for Admob’s specific policies, it might be a good idea to reach out to their support for clarification on the discrepancies.
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