Admob Stats

Are these average, below average, or above average stats for having ads on my app? I have a 2 banner ads, one on the top and one on the bottom depending on which page of my app you are on.

Gyazo - f627d5838b0889255a3ab5db49a1ff23.png

Is my RPM low or high?


It looks right to me, but it all depends on a lot of things. Where is the traffic coming from?

I can compare it with my admob stats. Of course many things depends of traffic source as Alkaline suggested but you should be able to make your RPM higher. Mine is 3x higher.

It’s important to say that you should worry about it so much. Your traffic is not huge so after working and testing you ads positioning you can improve it but it’s not worth it. 20USD more? First try to make your app popular or make another popular app. Then every RPM improvement will be significant:)