Admob Stats Stuck?

Admob reports Seem to be stuck for couple of hours now. Adserving and other features seem to be working fine.

Anyone notice this?

Either we both got kicked out - or AdMob reports are stuck.

Yeah I’ve noticed, for at least 4 hours its completely stuck, it’s weird, this doesn’t happen often.

I hope we don’t lose any money, because seeing the analytics everything is fine, the usual number of active users in real time.

Yeah usually it gets fixed in an hour or so. This is the longest I have seen in years.

Same here. Admob dashboard freezes for the past few hours.

Same here. My admob stats are stuck for last few hours.
First i thought that either i am kicked out fully or some of apps are blocked. I checked all my apps if ads are appearing or not. Checked live active users. Everything seemed fine and sound.
All is working fine except stats are not updated.

Either its dashboard stats update issue OR they came up with new stupid policy again.

Same. I woke up, checked my earnings and froze - I thought that the problem was with me(but I know, that it happened many times before). Good to see that I am not the only one!

same here. :frowning:

Same here. TAE

Many People on Twitter are reporting the same issue:

and some people complaining on admob google forums:!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/android/tdsugPJc0P4

Same here, this never happen last 4 years

Same here, but now my report for a day , has been changed, ie the day has changed now as per United States Pacific Time (PST). still yesterdays earnings have not updated???

It was frozen. But this time is longest. Maybe we must be waiting for the bug fixes :smiley:

Same here.
wake up and see all blocked, cause heart attacks

Same here.
Still no update

This is really strange. I hope that they will fix it soon.

Same here, good to know i’m not the only one. Let’s have a beer and wait

Yeah, me too :slight_smile:

Be cautious… Excessive Beer increase the stomach size like elephant.

I had hard time to bring it back to normal.
Once i was appearing like 7 months old pregnant.

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