admob stats stuck again?

Looks like admob stats are not being updated for 3 hours now.

Issue fixed after 4 hours.

Still stuck for me :frowning: !

Dont worry Kaloyan

Everybody is in the same situation.

I hope Google can find a solution immediately.

It hasn’t happened in a very long time, but they always fix it in matter of hours :slight_smile: !

You are right.

Just wait and see. Maybe All google workers have been sleeping :).

same here … my impressios and revenue for today is 0 !

but does anybody know if ads are shown ? so only stats are not working or ads also not working ?

yes ads are showing

Still stuck :frowning:

Still stuck at 0 here and missing some impressions yesterday, ads are showing in apps tho.

now admob stats are working again :slight_smile: