Admob stats not updated

Hi everybody.

My admob dashboard not updated for last couple of hours.

anybody same?

Mine is updating. Checked just now.

No there is a strange thing.

my revenue and clicks are increasing but impressions are not changing almost.

this is so weird!

this has never happened to me before.

Same here. Impressions not updated. But earnings is not affected.

Same but I also got a huge revenue and rpm increase. Rpm jumped 4 times up! Not complaining though

Same here!

Yes same with my dashboard.

They’re having some difficulties…

“We are sorry. Some data in this report is delayed. Please try again later. There is no impact on ad serving or payments.”

It’s just a glitch… They will solve it soon :slight_smile:

If it takes more it will soon be 24 hours :slight_smile: