Admob - Social Casino Game campaign

Hey guys,

Just saw the new message in the Admob dashboard:

“Around March, we will begin showing a limited amount of Social Casino Games ads in AdMob apps. For more information, or for instructions on how to opt-out, click here.”.

I’m assuming that, since these are games, they will still be in-line with GP policies?


Thanks for the info. Just blocked the category out.
They are in-line with GP policy, but I made the experience that they get no clicks, so - bye.

Interesting observation. From a quick glimpse of games for sale on apptopia, social casino niche seems to be making a lot of money per user.

That makes sense, since developers are advertising those games like mad men at high bids. But that doesn’t help us, if the conversion and clickrate is actually extremely low.

Your games are too good for the gambling types :wink: