Admob - So strange, ecpm is $9+

I have used admob for one of my app for 4 days (Most traffic are in usa and philippine), its ecpm is so high in compare with other apps (0.3$).
See my attachment.

Anyone else got the same?

That’s because you have high CTR, you should make CTR to go down, somewhere around 2%, otherwise a problem might be… Or the banner is somewhere on the place, where users will make more misclicks, and it is also against admob rules…

Banner docked to the bottom. Even it is around 2%, ecpm will be 3-4$, It is still high. Right?

Make it around 2% then see, my ecpm is 1.6$ with 2% CTR… Say, I think 2% is the safe side, so untill it is 2% and you have 10$ ecpm, that’s fine. you just have users from countries which have higher ecpm and it is not your problem. but when CTR is high like yours, then it is a problem

Banner docked to the bottom, it is a common place. So how can I decrease the CTR? LOL
I have more than 20 apps, using the same code (the content is different), same banner position. Only 1 apps is different from others, So I want to ask and confirm that anyone else have the same situation? I sure that it is admob bug.

Have you set refresh time? Maybe the banner is always showing the same ad and people click it evetually.

You dont know how to decrease a CTR?? and why LOL? It is very simple, just open your app and let it generate impressions and dont click on ad, then CTR will go down… I dont think that it is admob issue, when it goes to finance… anyway time will show

refresh time is 60.

That would only work if you had a really small-time app. Your one device could never affect your ad data that much.

Refresh time 60 and $9 eCPM? This is insane. I have $0.11. :smiley:

how old is your app. My new apps also have ecpm of $11 on admob.

Holy crap, seriously?
Surely Admob would flag an ECPM like that?
I’ve had a few days where it’s hit like $3 before, but my average is about $0.50 the past few months.
Do you not refresh your ads or something?

no for new apps it happen like that only for me. Slowly the ecpm automatically comes done within 2weeks time.

I don’t think you should try to decrease CTR (I really don’t know how would it be possible). I have some apps with 0,5% CTR and others with 4% CTR and had no problems with admob. I believe the type of app (the way users have to use it) is an important reason for high or low CTR. If you are not doing anyting against admob rules, you should not worry about it. Also, high CPM depends on many factors like location, target users, CTR etc.

CTR is easy to alter. Just change your ad’s refresh interval. Faster intevral = lower CTR, Longer interval = higher CTR.

I got it. But there must be some kind of threshold… I mean, above some interval the CTR won’t increase at all…

Well yes, naturally. In any case a higher CTR may give you a higher ECPM, but if you’re interval is that long then you won’t have many impressions, so the ECPM doesn’t mean much at all. I find the sweet spot for refresh interval to be around 50s-60s in general, but it really does vary across networks, apps, geo etc. With that said, longer intervals will eat up less data and battery life, which is a plus for your app.

2 days ago i integrated admob interstitial ads with one of my app. im getting $3 ecpm and the ctr is around 2-3. is this ok? also in my app, there is a button to do some action. im showing interstitial ads when the user press the button. is this against their TOS?

I don’t see why it would be. Interstitials are usually shown after or before some sort of action.