Admob: Seperate Reporting for Banner and Interstitial

Hey guys,

I´ve been using Admob now for some months. I started with only banners, only in the last few weeks, I decided to add interstitial ads as well. As of now, I integrated banners and interstitials using the same admob app ID. Is this correct or should banners and interstitials have its own ID? This is also interesting in terms of reporting, since there is no differentiation in case I use the same ID for both.

I’m using the new AdMob and I have separate ID’s for banners and interstitials. They use the same publisher ID, but the ad ID is different. However, not sure if your case is in violation.

Ok, good to know. Anyone else doing it “my way”?

I can’t see Admob having an issue with what you were doing as it only seems to affect the reporting side of things on your end. They can see what type of ad is being requested either way.

It does make more sense to have a different Ad ID per ad placement though, as you can see what’s working and what isn’t :slight_smile: