Admob said it paid, bank says NO!?

On 22nd of December 2014 Admob says they transferred the payment successfully. Its 31st of December 2014 but I still see no payment in my bank account. WTF is happening? Note: Govt. declared no holiday on christmas.

Did anyone received the wire transfer yet in India?


I got yesterday…through HDFC bank…

I’ve got mine on 26th.

Still no payment till now :frowning:

I got mine on 25th itself via wire transfer.

I have heard from few of my friends that big payments has some issue. Payments more than 400000/- INR are not delivered yet.

How much is yours?

Just wait one more week. It could be delayed due to holidays.

Its $41,XXX, and again no payment yet.

woow man that really huge number , can u tell me what are type of ur applications? , and i will be very grateful if u show them to me
thx in advance

woke up this morning and checked, it says they credited yesterday!! 10 Days! hufffffff!!


why are u laughing on my question ?

Looks like he is not trusting the numbers. Anything to doubt upon?

Looks like you are not trusting the numbers. Anything to doubt upon?

It might be INR not USD or it might be $ not $41,xxx. And if it is really $41k then I doubt the guy will share his secrets anyway.

ooops !!! yes. Thats 100% true.
Noone reveals such secrets even less money is made.

@levantapp, plz consider my LOL as well on your question.

Noone will reveal the secrets of making money. Its something like asking Coca Cola about their composition.

Asking the types of App is still somewhat oki. But asking direct links for the apps which are making $40000 per month definitely deserve 2 LOL. Ridiculous… :D:D:D

Why would I doubt those numbers?
I was laughing at the fact that he thinks someone is going to give up his secrets and techniques for nothing.

No secrets sharing for nothing
I understood late. I could not understand from that angle as i aint got any secrets to reveal. earning $50-$60 does not come from deep secrets. Lol.So asked that doubt. Agree with you.


MFs always rob me of 300 to 600 USD from me. I don’t see any reason to do that.

Bank Does that? Which Bank?

The fkng admob guys does it.