AdMob Revenue Up?

Hey all.

My AdMob earnings have gone up by 50%-100% on this last week. I didnt post before because I thought it was something temporary, but it seems to be keeping up and even increasing.

My interstitial is peaking some days at $3.00 - $3.20 RPM, while it was around $1.50 - $2.00 a couple of weeks ago.

Am I being lucky or is it something more global?

say thanks to Jesus and merry christmas in advance to you.

I had about 25% increase in the last couple weeks… but it varies a lot.

Holiday season is coming in!

Not for me… Mine has been negative for yesterday. not seen eCPM of over $1 yet. :frowning:

For me it’s a little down but other networks seem to have some increases, so it’s great. I hope it’s only the beginning.

I was thinking of other variables. It’s a little early for the holiday season. But it’s hard to understand Admob…

Besides Christmas, there is Thanksgiving and the black Friday / cyber Monday coming up… More people will be buying new gadgets… yep, say thanks to Jesus! And Steve Jobs too!

What planet are you on? Ad campaigns are already going bonkers with Christmas deals etc! I’ve seen gradual increase across most of this month.
Tons of people do their holiday shopping early and advertisers need to start banging it into people’s heads anyway.
I suppose it does depend a bit on where your traffic comes from, but its already holiday season mate.

Ok I usually only get into Christmas spirit like a week before. :] I see your point. But if that’s the case, then we’ll see a drop in Admob values in January.

I have a similar experience, 3.9 ecpm and same rpm(althout no clue what it means) , im changing all my apps to admob now :smiley:

Yes, I am seeing similar improvement in Admob banner + interstitials - but it is not just Admob - as the improvements are visible in AppBrain end-of-app interstitial (once every 3 days etc.) results as well (!) And these are AppWalls for other apps.

And this is despite daily download numbers in general decline since Nov 4 - thanks to the “Nov 4 Google Play algorithm change” effect - as outlined in this thread:

And Google Analytics is not showing any significant increase in the session-length (i.e. users using app for longer may thus be excluded as a factor for revenue increase).

And the click-rate not seems to be any higher (CTR) - so it is not like users are getting all click-happy or something.

What seems to be happening is that around Christmas etc. (and on weekends something similar seems to happen) - that the QUALITY of ads available (to admob for example - and similar thing maybe true for AppBrain - and it is definitely the case with Leadbolt where earlier I was reasonably sure that their revenue declines were because of low ad inventory - and it was visible to me in the app as I could see FEWER apps being advertised in the Leadbolt HTML AppWall at that time - now Leadbolt seems to be back with more apps there - but I have directed most traffic to Admob last few weeks - I could turn Leadbolt back on with a change in AppBrain Remote Settings).

So a big factor in revenue is:

  • DAU

  • session-length

  • revenue per ad and the availability of high-paying ad inventory

  • desirability of ad (better ad copy - or ads from “better advertisers”) - this impact though would show up as a higher CTR (as users would presumably be more likely to click then)

An increase in ad inventory in general would lead to a better fill rate. However Admob has 100% fill rate anyway - but this is probably because they can show REALLY low paying ads also and call that “an ad”. I suppose other ad networks could also claim 100% fill rate by delivering ads that pay $0.000001 per click or something (!). However you CAN see the shift in ad quality/revenue-per-click if you are using the Admob eCPM floor beta (as one of the Admob mediation ad sources) - since you set a real eCPM floor for the ad (i.e. set it too high and fill rate drops precipitously) (CAVEAT: the eCPM is based on what Google has seen so far for performance of that ad - so is not guaranteed to deliver always higher eCPM than the floor you set).

So you could use Admob banner ads only - or you could use Admob mediation with Admob eCPM floor beta AND also the regular Admob banner ads - the results maybe the same (since fill rate is low for the fAdmob floor eCPM beta - and rest of it is filled in with Admob banner - however these seem to be lower quality even (it seems ?) - i.e. Admob may only give you what’s left over in that (given that you have used up your quota for the good paying ads) - so overall revenue may be similar if you use Admob banner ads alone or the combination of the two. Or at least that is what I would expect Google to do to “normalize” it’s algorithms for how to decide what ads to deliver etc.

However, if you use Admob eCPM floor beta - you can see the ebb and flow of “higher quality” ad inventory - so it gives ONE insight into the ad inventory.

So for example I can see that for Admob eCPM floor beta (banner ads) - where I have set an eCPM (something above $1) - that the resultant eCPM has NOT changed that much day to day - HOWEVER, the FILL RATE has improved over this weekend. This means that the inventory of “better paying ads” has improved over the weekend. And since CTR was similar over weekend - it is not that they were more attractive ads which users clicked on more - but that revenue rose mainly because the inventory of better paying ads was slightly higher over the weekend.