Admob revenue drops ... on the same day!!!


This is my first post, so regards to all of you. As English is not my native language, I am sorry for my possible mistakes.

I have noticed an issue several past days. As another thread says, there is a massive drop in AdMob revenues. But yesterday, I had collected 4.51USD during the day, and 3 hours before finishing the day, earnings drop to 1.51, that is 1/3 part of the last days, the 1/9 part of november/december. Have you noticed that behavior also?


Same issue here! Yesterday my revenue dropped -68% and the cpm -44%.

FYI - related thread on google support forum:!topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/wxJyzzX4wtY

its either a bug in their system and things will get back to normal soon or its another step they made in their work on “Combating accidental clicks in mobile ads”

I am actually worried this is not a bug but a new admob feature :frowning:

Me too,
My revenued dropped 60%.
12 hours ago it is normal.

Same here. Total drop off. I can accept the usual January drop-off, but this is something else. Hopefully it’s just another bug in their system as they do happen from time to time.

My ecpm is now 0.05 and it’s been dropping steadily over the past month. I’m so pissed of and I’m soon releasing a new app that only will be paid without any stupid ads!

I would consider IAP instead in your place. I have it in one of my games and while the game is not performing too well, one user that likes to pay to play can for example in summary give you $50 or more. But it’s a game. Apps are harder to monetize with IAP.

Yeah, I’ll be releasing a tool app and i think it will become hard to monetize with IAP. If the app does bad as a paid app i’ll release a free restricted one :slight_smile:

I also experienced this, but now my money for yesterday is showing correctly.

I’m a relatively new Android developer - started in Sept 2012. Is it normal for January to be the worst month for Admob ecpm? In November I was getting around $0.40, then $0.20 over Christmas, now $0.10.

The first few months of the year advertisers will often spend less, as they’ve just finished the big Christmas ad campaigns. In the past I’ve noticed a decrease in eCPM (or fill rate for some ad networks) during January-February, starting to pick up again towards the middle of the year. We discussed this last year in a thread about Madvertise. I would expect AdMob to be more resilient than most networks though, due to its large market share.

What David said.
I’m make about half the money with Admob in Jan/Feb, compared with the Christmas period. Experiencing the same with Millennial Media, but my other ads seem to be pretty stable.

In my case, not only cpm has dropped, impressions dropped too. :frowning:

It seems today (02.02.13) has some techinical issues with AdMob Click System.

Even I clicked by myself, its not showing at all.

I have typical CTR for this hour. Of course it’s quite low but it’s normal these days. Don’t risk clicking on your ads though!

I have just clicked once. Nothing more.

All of other apps are working properly.

I have tried new AdMob SDK 6.2.1(which is a way too old 19 Oct 2012), i hope not because of it.

Yes impression, no click.

Maybe it was AdSense ad? They are counted with a huge delay.

Well I dont know what causes it, i hope its not because of me.

Because I was had the same situation on 17.12.12.

I ve sent an e-mail to AdMob Support, hope they will not be offended about clicking my own ad once. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still seeing drop. Right now CPC is $0.0166 and it’s in Western Europe and North America.
I bet they even don’t accept such low rates.
Support doesn’t respond, if do - they doesn’t have any explanation.
They just promisse to “make investigation”, wait for one day and respond “there’s nothing we can do”.

I have $0.00025 CPC if I counted it correctly. eCPM $0.1. Is smart banner giving anything more? Which network is best to switch to? (I need banners, full width, max. 50-70px height because of the specifics of the game that gives me most impressions). InMobi has net60, which is ridiculous. Millenial Media is probably similar to admob right now? Also very low, right?

You must have counted something wrong (in my opinion).

CPC is what you get from one click. With CPC of $0.00025 you would get eCPM of $0.25 with a 100% click-through-rate, and you stated 0.1 CPM - either you have a CTR in the range of 40% or your calculation got wrong at some place.

btw - in the area of low CPC/CPM - interesting article from Reuters about the overall issue with CPMs getting lower across all “online” media: Another blog post that won?t make any money | MediaFile | Analysis & Opinion |