Admob Revenue Drops 30%

Hi guys, just want to check.

My apps has same download but my admob revenue has been dropped arround 30% in the last 3 days

It is just me? thanks

same here. dropped by 35%.
shitty ads served by admob might be the reason behind this.

i make $15 from 3 apps. now $9.

how about you?

Yes experiencing the same since June 1st.

me too :confused:

end of the month is the time that advertising agencies need to fulfill their budget commitments (to be on 100% of budget use) … in result the CPC increases a little bit. At least that is what I think about a common “early month, earnings down” case we do observe.

btw. anyone noticed G+ stopped coming for Apps in Google Play - my apps seems to have same numbers for over 24h.

stop thinking that ad income is steady. it isn’t, it’s controlled by demand and offer like everything else and that’s not static :slight_smile:

if they run out of inventory you get filled with untargeted ads from other networks (yes, they also do intersell ads) - low cpc, low ctr

and just to mention: when more apps are released ad inventory is also getting less (distributed much more, like too much butter on a slice of bread) - I could also imagine, that the recent admob-force-update do influence different inventories

thank you for the post, agreed with everything you said

$15 per month?

i am with you

you are right about G+, no change with mine also

my stats are for per day.

how about you?

How many downloads do you have on those 3 apps?

App-1 700-800 downloads per day
App-2 350-400 per day
App-3 30-40 per day

I user to get 3000 per day on App-1

Kindly share urs as well.

My revenue droped for about 40% too. I hope hossa time will begin soon:)

Same here. Looking at my stats looks like last month some big advertisers ended their campaigns, because exactly with 1st June request RPM (and obviously CTR) dropped dramatically despite request count increase. Yesterday was even worse. Comparing to the last month daily revenue has dropped by ~40-52% and if it’s continue this way then it could result in pretty big revenue loss (at least for my as full time indie dev). I will wait few more days and if stats continue downfall then unfortunately I will have to say goodbye AdMob. At least for now.

Are you working full ime on apps/games?

I am planning to quit as well. Though i do not make much. but think of boosting revenue if i work full time.

any suggestions? how much you make to assure all your expences are covered?