Admob revenue dropped significantly

Hi guys,

Not sure whats the problem, my apps are just fine with a stable download but

my admob revenue decreased by 60% in the last few days.

does this also happened to you?

is it because the delayed update or else?

Read this

Same here, not really sure what’s going on but i’m not liking it :frowning:

Same here!

Not seeing this, up 25% so far this month.

how about your impression ?

my RPM is almost 50% down and i just had a call from Google Admob Department and i asked about it and they said RPM is changeable and they can’t control it

Typical generic response! Either they (obviously) won’t let any information come out about what’s going on, or the reasons are only known by certain people.

My impressions dropped a lot, also RPM dropped.

Impressions are normal right now, its just RPM that is fluctuating a lot more. Kinda weird its been this shaky for the first quarter now and theres still no improvement… Google pls?

Same, but in my case the CPC went down and therefore the revenue. But these days I am having much more impressions, so getting almost the same revenue.
For this month I have 6.5 euro cents CPC, and I know, that it is also nice. So probably we had high revenue before, and it is normal now. Just my opinion.

Same here, I’ve had about a 30% drop this past 2 weeks. Impressions have dropped a little. But we’re also releasing a lot more games. Getting downloads recently has been super tough. Chartboost remains about the same though.

My revenue is drop a lot. Usually I makes at least $24/day. But today Admob give just $3.58… how it is possible to dropped that amount of revenue. I am very scared what actually Google Admob is wanting.:mad:

This must be game related, my revenue is finally climbing (I don’t have any games).

i use to get average $12 daily. now i am getting average $6 daily.

i think its time to go for any other network. but definitely not admob.

100 times in a day i say them bastards. eating our IAP as well as ads money. leave them. :banghead:

hey guys, I noticed today admob has delayed update…somehow the impression was updated but not the fill-rate. You can check from your Site & Apps reporting whether you seeing the same thing as me. My fill rate is less than 50% and thus no revenue was updated. I noticed it stopped 12 hours ago…anyone has similar problem?

same here. stopped updating for last 11-12 hours. it has become so common these days.

Probably they choose the random developers to suck their money in this delay time. thats what they are doing from last 2 weeks. :confused:

Still not updated…what’s going on? oh my

It happens before. relax.

wait a couple days and it will report normally.

Not even a month passes by, these bastards freezes the updating the revenue so that they can suck the money from the developers. They do this in a way that no developer can complain. How you may ask? They shave all the developer’s money so that everyone thinks its the seasonal ups and downs of the advertiser’s expenditures!! My foot! These bastards are shaving the developers.