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I am very new to android development and I posted an app (new) about 4 days ago on google play. I looked at the AdMob site and it says for yesterday only requested RPM was $18.50. What does that mean exactly? If I post any numbers as in ECM (etc…) could someone tell me if my app is doing well? I have a strong feeling it is not, I only have 5 downloads lol. My app is found here:

just incase anyone wants to review or anything, I appreciate any feedback! Thanks for the responses.

RPM stands for Revenue per mille, or how much revenue you generate per 1k ad impressions.

Post your data and I can give you a break down.

When you have much more impressions then anything will make sense, with 5 downloads, you don’t have much data.

Hello there,

Yes, unfortunately, you need many app downloads per day to generate and noticeable ad revenue. Some of my apps generate 100+ downloads per day and the average revenue for a 100+ ‘download per day app’ is approximately $5 per day. The big revenue reports you see are probably from apps that are in the 500+ downloads per day.

At least your app is somewhat unique. Hold in there. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to see the average daily downloads appear.

Good luck.

On the home tab in AdMob I have:
Estimated earnings: $0.28
Impressions: 366
Request RPM: $0.77

I am looking at these for all time which has been a week. It is still pretty new.

Thanks for the reply! The app is very new, it has been live for about a week. I do plan on adding different things to the game (ex prime numbers) and others. I will hang in it and see what happens in a few weeks.

In order to have a stable RPM reading you will need at least a few thousand impressions.
A small number of impressions can often give an unstable RPM since you may have no interaction with the ads or significant interaction. You could get a worryingly low RPM or a pipe-dream high RPM.
Its all about delivering those ad impressions, which has to come from getting downloads. If you haven’t already, I’d get to work on some marketing for your app to help get the ball rolling.
There are some great resources here on this forum too, so have a look.

Also, are these banner ad impressions or interstitial impressions?

They are banner ad impressions. Thanks I will take a look around the forums

just some advice from my own experience, forget about banners, try interstitials instead.