admob reports.. what do you think?

Hi! I am new into the app biz. I uploaded my first app and these are the stats for the last 4 days:

Impressions: 4,519
Fill rate: 99.43%
Clicks: 38
CTR: 0.84%
RPM: €0.85
Earnings: €3.84

These are only from android because on the ios is still waiting for review.

My question is… should i try ad mediation with iad too?

Currently i have one banner in the bottom and one interstitial every 2 times they access the main tool in the app.

Thank you for your time!

Your eCPM seems decent with Admob.

iAD doesn’t have inventory in a lot of countries so you should try to use mediation or another ad network to show ads when iAd fails to deliver.

thank you for your quick answer! i was wondering if iad will pay so much better than admob that will worth the hassle with ad mediation…