AdMob reporting problems?

Hi all,

Does anyone have problems with AdMob reportings for today? It seems they are not updating at all :frowning: .

I think there is something going on also, literally not a penny since it updated for the day a few hours ago.
Google are all over the place at the moment.

Thanks, glad to see I’m not the only one having issues :slight_smile: . Let us hope that it will all be fixed soon :slight_smile: .

Between this and the issues with publishing new apps at the moment it’s going to be a difficult month.

Same here unfortunately, as a new developer I chose the wrong month to begin in it seems :frowning:

Yes, this month has been odd :confused: . Oates, what is the problem with the publishing? I haven’t had any issues, and I have uploaded 2 new apps.

Some new apps that I know should be doing well from experience doing terribly, and some that were doing 300+ downloads a day suddenly dropping to less than 60 in the first 2 weeks around the same time a few others were reporting issues.

Oh, yes - that. Same here, guess i’ve been having issues too. Both new apps are optimized as before and they are not doing good with the downloads, and, as you mentioned - an app that I usually have around 2000 new downloads a day now has around 1300. Really weird :frowning: .

Check your AdMob kaloyan I believe it’s sorted my earnings just jumped up to the normal amount they should be at this point in the day.

Yes, thank you, it seems to be okay for me as well now :slight_smile: !

Are u facing same problem is last 24 hours?

Is anyone facing same.problem is last 24 hours

Yep, same here. Yesterday stats stopped in the morning.

Same here.

ALL STOPPED. Glad we are all the same.


Let’s everybody stay connected here

Whoever’s stats start first, just leave their comment hereby


The same for mine. The last change of my stats is order than 24 hours. I’m using my AdMob. Are there any problems with new AdMob?

Must be that’s why our stats have stopped.but impression counts is going on

So nothing no worry about, it’ll be back to normal soon.

Yes, the impression is counting. But the revenue and eCPM numbers are still $0.00. I have just switched from AirPush banner to AdMob yesterday. Today I want to see how much AdMob eCPM is before I switch remaining apps. I’m not lucky :frowning:

I don’t have any issue today. My new admob work perfectly… in fact I have even higher revenue today, something like in weekend