AdMob problems

Today i migrate to new admob interface. It uses adwords and adsense for billing and payment. I’m from bulgaria, and the problem is that i want to receive money via wire transfer directly into my bank account. but there is no such option. only 2 options i have are standart check and western union quick cash. the problem that i don’t have wire option is that i accidentally set my billing currency to BGN (bulgarian lev). but have friends with EURO set on that option and they have wire transfer option. now i read on the net that i can’t revert that option. when once the billing currency is set, it cannot be changed. i want to ask you is there a way to change that. or some way to cancel adsense account and create new one, and then set the EURO option for currency. i want to make my earnings come in my bank account. is there something i can do?

i’m sorry for my english… :slight_smile: