Admob :plz help ! i didnot receive the first payment yet


I earned at the end of October this year(10-2013) more than $200
Admob had to send me notification of payment after 30 days (in 1-12-2013)

but today is (3-12-2013) and they didn’t send me any email and i cecked my account summary
but also i didn’t see any thing new (no orders -no payments -notransfeers )

when is the maximum date they maybe send me notification of payment ?

Did they or did they not send you a payment notification email on Dec. 1st? If so, expect payment somewhere around the 15th.

they did not send any payment notification email !!
and i didn’t see any thing new in my acount summary (no orders -no payments -no transfeers ).

Do I have to wait until mid-December or what??

Thanks for the reply

Hi ramzi, usuallay admob send notification mails from 1st to the 3rd of the current month, i have been receiving payments from admob for more than a year now and that has been the case til last month when i were eligible for payment, yet i didn’t receive any payment notification (check my thread here : so i contacted them ([email protected]) and it turn out that there was a error during their selection process and my account wasn’t marked as eligible for payment. So the payment was delayed to this month and was added to last month earning that i have received it’s payment notification yesterday. I advise you to wait til the end of this day and if you didn’t receive any notification contact them by email.

Thank you Mouadh
I sent an email to ([email protected])
My question to you is:
How many days their reply will take ?

I am afraid that there is a problem in my account, such as:
Tax id (I’m out of America and in our country there is no tax id), where I wrote in the field of tax id something like (outside the U.S.)
Is it a problem in tax id?

I also found that in Account Details my account type was : advertiser :rolleyes: but i change it to publisher yestrday
Is it a problem in account type?

Well their reply took about 3 hours. Regarding Tax ID, it isn’t mandatory for the outsiders of US, which is also my case. I don’t know whether the account type could be the cause for this delay, your only choice now is to wait for their response. good luck

Thank you

In any case I will wait to the end of this month
Unless I receive my payment I will change from “pay via ACH/Wire” to “pay via PayPal” Maybe a little faster

thanks for help

thanks for this Forum
There was a problem with the payment details as I have written my name in a language other than English as ([email protected]) reply by this email:

Hello Ramzy,

We have reviewed your account and noticed that you have non-english characters in your payment details. Please note that our payment system cannot process non-english details and that is why you have not been selected for payment,

Please update your Beneficiary name to English characters and we will include you in out January payment cycle. Thank you!

AdMob Payment Support Team