admob paypal fee


i received my first admob payments about 200 euro via wire transfer, but i had to pay following fee:

-EUR 10,00

short question: is it cheaper to change payments settings to paypal?

For PayPal, The only fees I’ve ever paid were conversion fees, which for me was 3.9 percent and that’s just from one company. The rest I’ve never paid a dime. Give it a try and see.

It might be a problem with some of the banks through which your wire transfer goes trough. I once had a wire transfer (not from admob) that was for $100 and I only got $40 out of it because of bank charges. :frowning: You might want to contact your bank about it and even change to a different bank to avoid such charges. It is very random though - some poeple that were using the same bank didn’t have such charges, some had (I’m using different bank now and never got any charges yet).

there is no fee, if you get paid via paypal.

As long as you are in a country were paypal pays to bank acc. there is also no fee, except currency conversion rates

Yeah, I would go with PayPal too, which will only hit you on the currency conversion.

Wire transfer conversion rates, fees, etc. are somewhat dependent on geography and presence and relationships between banks and governments in that particular region. Paypal seems to be a pretty reliable universal choice.

Just keep in mind that Paypal can always block your money for no reason - so it’s best not to keep them there for long.