Admob payments = No payment for new Developers?

Tried contacting admob for last 4-5 days. Finaly got reply today. After reading pool of Links provided by them, it looks like it is very difficult to expect money from them for NEW DEVELOPERS.

My Mail to Admob:-

Dear Admob,
I have total $596 in my account for following 2 ads units.
Full Page Ads ID:- axxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Banner Ads ID :- axxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Revenue Details as follows:-
1Dec,2013 - 25Dec,2013 : $235
25Dec,2013 - 23Jan,2014 : $361

I am using new Admob and was told to get payment of $235 between 21st-25th of Jan,2014


Please let me know if you need any other details to find out the cause
Best Regards,

Admob Reply:-


Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Your request appears to be in relation to the New AdMob billing and payments platform. You can find the answers to most AdMob-related questions in just a few minutes by browsing our help center. Please see the relevant links below:

AdMob Help Center:

Frequently asked questions:

In the future, please be sure to use the Help Center form to submit your questions or concerns. This will enable us to provide you with a faster response.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdMob Team

Links provided by admob says that:-

  1. Paypal and wire payment options does not exist anymore now (wtf)
  2. I must wait for their PIN which will come within 2-3 weeks by STANDARD POST (BY POST CARD).
    Enter the PIN in my admob account and then my address will be verified.
  3. They may send another PIN later for some other verification.
  4. It may take months time and probably i will be dead by that time.

I mean what the hell. is it about getting your own money or getting some Lotto prize money???
I was asked only for 2 payment options during admob signup.

  • Paypal
  • ACH/WIRE (i opted)

now why they need hell lot of verification??? I was never told about it in any mail.
is their any direct call number or some quick help??

I had to verify my address and bank account too, it’s been like that like… for ever :stuck_out_tongue: (the system was already there back in 2009)

which address they will verify?

  • The one i filled in admob inside “Account->Account Information” ?
  • My Gmail id used to signup for admob?

Does it mean that i have to wait for STANDARD POST and follow the instructions inside that?

Your Home adress ( make sure to write a Real one :slight_smile: ) and yes you’ll wait for Standard post, it will take 2 weeks max. GoodLuck

Don’t you have to wait for a small test payment on your bank account too ? They transfer a random amount like 0.10$ and you have to write how much you received.

I have completed random payment shit stuff while creating Paypal account. they ask for this shitty procedure while conforming the account.
May be this bad habbit is adapted byadmob as well. but i am never asked to this so far by admob.

Well i heard some chirping here about google adsense. can i ask for PIN in adsense? are they centralized?

I do not find any option to ask for PIN in admob. my payment address was not correct and i corrected it just now. so wanted to request for PIN.

I had wrong address in my admob account. Now i corrected my mailing address. how to request for new PIN at my new address?
There is no option of Request PIN in my admob. Please help.

I opened adsense account to request new PIN(someone suggested me to do that, though i do not understand how come admob and adsense are similar)
But adsense’s criteria to request a PIN is minimum $10 revenue in my adsense account.
Adsense revenue comes from web/mobile sites and i do not have either of them. i have only android APP monetized by admob.

Now shall i develop a new webpage or mobile website and wait for $10 revenue and then request PIN ???
what is this??

I did not receive any reply from Admob despite of 10’s of my mails. what i should do now???

I also had to go through the same process. Its quite long and complicated for nothing. No Wire or paypal for me. I had to choose Cheque. Regarding address verification, they sent some pin to my address but after 45 days didn’t receive it so i had to contact directly and they had to manually verify my address after i sent them some billing info. Now, I received my first cheque and the hard process of cashing it starts.!

Thanks for sharing this valuable information with me. I appreciate.

But some time back only i came to know that i am using Old-Admob :slight_smile:
Since i do not know how new-admob look like and moreover there is no upgrade button as well in my admob.

So i was assuming it is new-admob. i use this link AdMob - Login to go to admob. i think this is old admob link.
when i click on new-admob link (i think it is for new-admob, please tell), it routes me to this link AdMob - Login

Please tell me if my understanding is correct.

If i am using old-admob, still i need to expect some PIN from admob and enter it in my account to get paid OR i will get paid on either of selected ACH/WIRE and Paypal accounts without account verification?

Please help me with your experiences. i strongly believe many of you must have come across this during first time.

Address verification and new payment system is only available on new Admob. I guess Old admob still uses the same payment system and then i was never asked to verify my address. So, i really don’t know if you have new admob or old one.If you have been using for Admob for quite a while then you have to upgade to the new one. If you signed up after the upgrade, then you probably registered to the new Admob. I can’t tell much about pin being sent to old admob for address verification as i aleady upgraded to the new one.

Thanks a lot buddy.

I got the answer from support and understood payout schedule for me.

Hey gcc,

This was definitely developed after the purchase of Admob from Google because of the amount of click-fraud and invalid clicks going through their system pre acquisition. It’s a process they implemented to protect themselves from future lawsuits and while annoying - helps them filter real developers/businesses like you and the potential hackers trying to game their system to basically steal ad dollars.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for your post.
I have got admob payments on time. there was first time doubts and delays. it is working fine now.