admob payment receipt but no money in the bank !!!!

admob sent me payment receipt that they paid me at 22/9 (20 days ago) but every day i go to bank and no money in my account, what is the matter 20 days from the transfer and no money !!! i have seen some of persons have met same problem can any one help???

It may be a problem with your bank or account number…admob money usually debited to bank in 2-3 days after their payout

no transfer occured for the bank till now, and i am sure that my account number and swift code are right !!

Contact admob customer support team with your issue…

i’ll try
thanks :slight_smile:

Did you validate your bank account by admob?
Or your bank accept international payment.?
And there is no need swiss code in admob.
Just iban and name of your bank in your local area and your full name. Money sent by admob and it waits in pool of int bank and it will return to your account 1 month later.

admob sent me payment receipt that money have been sent
and sent me swift text as confirmation for the transfer
but no money in the bank

get the wire transfer transaction code and go to your bank ang let them trace what happened to your money…

ask your bank.

complaint your bank branch. some time foreign exchange department branch didn’t sent to your branch. your payment are in foreign exchange department.