Admob Payment Question! Please Help!!


I have a quick question and I hope someone here with Admob user experience can help me.

My question is specifically from an Admob payment perspective.

If I had 4 apps running which have made revenue, but before the payment happens, 2 apps get banned by the play store. Would I still get paid for the revenue earned for all the 4 apps? or would I get paid for only those 2 apps which are still running?

For Example:

App A has made 100$, App B has made 100$, App C has made 100$ and App D has made 100$.

App A and App B are still running and App C and App D have been suspended by the Play Store.

Would I get paid the total of 400$ from all the 4 Apps i.e, App A, B, C, D. or Would I get paid for only the 2 Apps that are still running i.e, App A & App B.

Any kind of help or expert advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank You.

If no ban from admob - you still get your money. In case of admob’s ban - money lost. I didn’t get such situation but this is logic.

are you apps already banned or you are predicting that they’ll be banned :smiley: it depends how serious mistakes you make, if you make spam everything gets banned, dmca infringement apps are suspended…

I have a couple of apps banned and a few still running.

Revenue is equal across the 4 apps for the month of November.

Not sure how November’s payout would look like in Dec/Jan when it’s time for payout. Which is why I wanted to know.

Admob account is still up and running.

If admob didn’t ban your apps,you should be fine now…but soon admob will ban those apps too,once they find it’s removed from the play store…But you should still receive the money…

I hope that they will send the money, I am in same situation and if they don send me 300€ I am broke (appwiz knows something about it) :smiley: (still not got the email saying that they are sending the money)

yuppppi just got the email by admob saying that they are sending me the money!

till now got scammed only by appwiz!

As far as I remember, it still does not mean you are going to receive them, sorry :confused:

I don’t think so. Maybe you remember old admob where you get e-mail on the begining of the month and payment about 15th
In new admob you get e-mail about 22-23 and payment same day or 2-3 days later depends on country

In e-mail we have that they already send the money

But I can be wrong becouse it’s my first payment.

from new admob usuall I get paid after 2-3 days

and it’s done :slight_smile:
e-mail today and I just recive sms from my bank :slight_smile: