Admob Payment option for India

what are the New Admob Payment options for India?

I have only wire option (direct transfer to account). Have received payment once from it now.

For me, it’s standard check only. If you don’t have previously adsense account with wire pymnt, I think currently it is the only option in new admob.

new admob+youtube+website ads= centralized adsense account

payments will be recorded by your adsense account.

Payment method?
Old adsense accounts have wire transfer+cheque

New admob has cheque only. they want self hold for payments dor new adsense account holders to get wire transfer.

i didn’t understand what you mean , please explain it…

also can i received payments if not verified address for adsense …

There is option of “self hold” in adsense payment settings. Apply “self hold” for your payments.

What is Self hold?

  • Means you want all your earnings accumulated in your account, they won’t send you unless you disable the self hold.
  • Your ads and videos will function normally

Why you need to do it?

  • Its said in one of the Google forums that if you go for “self hold” payment settings, they might give you wire transfer option soon.

NO, you can not receive payments if you have only Cheque option and you have not Filled their PIN to verify the address
If you get the wire transfer option, you need not to verify the address and you can get your earnings in your bank account

Hope it helps

i make new gmail to try how look the new admob …

and i set the payee profile

in payment setting there is button to add a new form of payment

so that show based on my location the address verification not require ?? gcc

And what is your location??

Palestine :slight_smile:

Then pls don’t do ‘self-hold’ ! it will withhold your payment, it was only for Indian publishers.

There is nothing wrong in “self hold” as it does not effect your ads and earnings. Search with “self hold on adsence” line and look for google forums. you will get the answer.

There is nothing to do with indians here. This is for all who has only Cheque option so far.

Back on Topic:-
If you see another payment options on admob account with new gmail id, will you migrate all of your apps to new account. I think it is not reccomended if you have lots of apps with lots of users engagement.

rest you are wise …

I did not say that it will do any ‘wrong’. It just withholds payment if ‘self-hold’ is not used under any special instruction e.g. EFT enabling.

I’ve again searched but can not find any other country with ‘self-hold --EFT upgrade’ thread. If you have, post link pls.

There is nothing to do with indians here. This is for all who has only Cheque option so far.

I only found the official thread where adsense told Only Indian (Indian payment address) publishers to use self-hold and warned others not use it. Please check it.
From that post,

This information only applies to publishers who receive payments at a payment address in India. These instructions do not apply to publishers in other countries. If your payment address is located outside of India and you apply a “self hold” per these instructions, it could result in a delay in your payment. We are working to make wire transfer payments broadly available in most countries, but the process differs in other locations…