Admob payment January 2017 - anybody got the payment email already ?


normally Admob pays always on 21 th of each month (if it is weekday)
then i receive an email from them on this day.

But i did not receive today !?

Did anybody already receive the payment email from admob today ?

Just received 20 minutes ago.

Did you always get the email on this time ? Or is it late today ?
(i still did not get the payment info email)

A bit later than usual.

Anybody else here who still did not get the payment info email ?

So everybody else has received it ?

just now i received … very very late this time … but anyway i got it !

You can’t say it is late because it is few hours delayed :slight_smile:
Anyway I received it yesterday on time too.

Not had it yet

I did get the mail 2 hours ago

Just give them 1 more working day, they always pay, sometimes with a 1 day delay, but that is ok

they send payments before sending the emails sometimes i dont get the email til a week after getting my payment. 75% of time i get paid on 21st other 25% i get on 22nd. If they send payment by noon my time on 21st I get it that same day to my bank. My bank does real time ACH so once a payment is sent I get it with-in 2 hours where as other banks wont process til that night and u get next day

Already got paid and still no e-mail. Happens sometimes.