Admob payment got delayed??

Just to know if any of you have received the admob payment for this month ??

I got remittance notification on 25th, But my bank is saying that its not reached yet.

Any of you got money credited to you bank account till now ??

I got it in the bank, no delay for me.

Sorry to ask.
Is it in India ??

I receive admob payments in India.

Is there any direct mail id OR Contact number which handles payment issues at adsense/admob ??

please share with me.

May b your amount is too much or something. Me and 2 of my friends all of us combined received $10k on Tuesday in india. Email had come on last Friday.
Why delay for u. Can’t say much. BTW how much u expecting from admo

Nope. Not in India.

Mine is combined (adsense) from website+youtube+android+ios = USD 11745.56

Good news is i got it credited yesterday eve :p:p

Good you have got your credit.

Can you tell how much app you have on android and iOS. Android apps giving more revenue or iOS?
This is just for making decision to start iOS apps & motivation purpose

I just started IOS after lots of mind making. Ofcourse android is contributing more. Similarly i can not comment much on IOS earnings yet as its just the beginning.

IOS eCPM is far better than Android, but users and download is very less and decreasung gradually :confused:

I do not know what to do to retain or get more users. Though i am placing less ad units compare to Android.

May be others having long experience in IOS can comment more on this that how it goes in long term and how its different.