admob payment for Dec 2013

I select ACH Wire payment method and i received email from admob on 3rd of December 2013 related to congratulation we are beginning the process of payment but now its 16th of December 2013 but their is no money in my bank account. Can anyone tell me the day in which they transfer the money to me. Please comment and also tell me related to your October 2013 payment did anyone actually receive money through Wire or not

i am new in admob and this is my first payment

i am using paypal as payment method and i got the email on 4 dec, but haven’t got anything yet in my paypal account.this is my first payment also and i am using old admob.
pls help…

just wait guys :slight_smile: patience

got mine 2 days back via paypal in India old admob

i read somewhere that payments will be received on 25th of every month with new admob.

Revenue of the current month will be given on 25th or whatever is the total revenue will be paid?

hey…i got my payment in paypal, and received email from paypal that it will be transferred to my bank account in 5-7 days. m so happy, it will be my first payment and first earning of my life…!!!

Did you receive AHC from Admob? I still waiting, today is 18th and nothing yet. Last 4 payments was before 13th.

I receive the payment from admod by AHC on 16th, don’t worry just wait may be it delay 2 or 3days

But this month the fee for transfer is very high, every one the same or not? before last month the fee only 35$ but this month 55$.

Haven’t used admob. How is the service?

Pretty decent, I have good earnings with few apps.

that’s one of best adnetworks i’ve used. But be carefull in TOS of admob. You can get banned someday if you dont pay attention in their TOS. :smiley:

Still no joy on the 18th.

Same issue, still didn’t get… but admob support said that they sent on 13 Dec…

Still nothing. :frowning:

The New AdMob usually starts processing around 20th of the month, and payments go out around 22nd.

The payment line (that one that says “Automatic payment: Bank account …”) shows up under Account → Payments usually 1 day before the payment is on your bank account.

I’m still at old Admob. :slight_smile:

Open account in new Admob and published first App on 1st Dec,2013.

Revenue is $130 till today. As its known that i will get it on 25th of Jan,2013. will i get this month+jan month revenue on 25th of Jan or only Dececember month revenue?

Only December.

Thanks :mad: :mad:

I checked admob Payment schedule , click ? symbol, it said 21 of month. So it payment process will start after 21 of Month