AdMob payment for click very low

Hi! This is my first thread :smiley: I’m Maurizio and I’m 18, I like develope games and apps for android. This is my problem…I’m getting more click but the revenue isn’t changing…what’s the problem? I’m using AdMob…What can i do? Why per unknown country i’m getting so little money?


Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for my english :smiley:

say thanks to unknown location else you would be earning far less than this. You have low ctr for non-unknown locations

Admob is performing strangely for me today. I’ve got an app with 43 clicks and a revenue of $11,51. That’s $0,26 per click… Has this happened to someone before?

Ok…I said thanks :smiley: But why 13 click from Europe = $0.74 and 61 click from unknown location=$0.61? Is it normal? Can I improve this situation? Thanks :slight_smile:

Be happy :rolleyes:

Yes, it’s normal. Advertisers usually pay more for US and European clicks.

I was looking at a day’s early revenue and it was $0.01 - so superficially (unless it is some artifact) - there IS some increment of activity which will earn $0.01 from Admob.

So a click may earn as low as $0.01 - and I think some have posted that for advertising on Admob you can set the price per click to $0.01 … ?

That is still lower than Leadbolt HTML AppWall for instance - which is closer to $0.03 - and appwalls in general maybe similar. However that is an AppWall/interstitial ad - which is shown rarely - and it takes up the whole screen.

But the $0.01 was just to suggest that Admob banner ads revenue earnable can be pretty low by successful clicks also.

With a CTR of 2% - from 1000 impressions you may get 20 clicks - which would be $0.20 revenue (at $0.01 per click) - which would make for an eCPM of $0.20.