Admob paid me twice for sept. earnings

I was paid twice for sept. earnings by admob.
Since I don’t want to keep that illegal money, I have reported it to admob.

Interesting thing to note now is the time duration admob will take for any action when they seem to be gaining from it. My wild guess 2-3 days.

P.S. I m using old admob

i have read somewhere that some other person also got double earnings. anyways i statrted using admob since 27 sept and have not got any notice or any type of email from admob regarding payment yet(sept earnigns were less than $20) but october earnings are far greater than $20…any idea when will i get my payments finally in my hand?

october earnings will be paid in middle of December.

lol , please do update here when they replay you…:smiley:

So in less than 24 hours I have received reply from admob asking for issue a refund back to them via paypal. hahahaha
who knows folks at google, read this forum and came across this thread.

On a lighter note, this is what I added as description of refund:
Refund for duplicate payment. Thanks to my honesty :slight_smile:
I have paid paypal fees for receiving as well sending this duplicate payment (including foreign currency exchange :slight_smile: )
But still I don’t want to keep any extra money from anyone. God bless.

Well Karma will surely thank you for this, but I’m not sure if Google will :smiley:

Google isn’t just one person, it’s a lot of them. Anyways, for all the duplicate payments there is a person(or maybe more of them…like accountants) who will have to respond for any mistake they made during the month and which might lead to a cut from their final salary, so I guess you just saved a few hundreds bucks to someone who’s working for Google :slight_smile:

Very nice from you and hopefully you will get double and triple earnings)) Respect :slight_smile:

I thought they don’t have support email, but they reply so fast for problem like this :D. I have been paid twice too for september earning, where should i report this?

hey, I got appreciation from google too:

Thank you. This is greatly appreciated.

Apologize for the inconvenience
<google employe name>

Here you go:

Thanks, but they caught me first and send email to ask for refunds :smiley:

today admob is showing that Payment for $xxx.xx by Paypal on 2013-12-04, complete, but i have not received any payment in my paypal account. what to do?

it takes upto 15 days after this notification for balance to appear in your paypal account