AdMob Optimization

Hi there,

I am an Optimization Specialist here at Google, working with AdMob developers. I have canvassed your account and identified a few opportunities to maximize your AdMob revenue. A few adjustments to your setup could have a noticeable impact on your total earnings, including our brand new Ad Network Optimization feature. This allows AdMob to dynamically compete against the CPMs of your other networks and can update your CPMs automatically. I’d love to discuss this and other opportunities with you further by phone.

Please feel free to select a time from my calendar that works for you. If none of these times work, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Looking forward to working with you!

** employee name **

Has anyone got a similar email?

Seems legit, but it’s very weird to be contacted by a Google human being (or so it seems).

And whats this “Ad Network Optimization” feature?


Nothing here.

I got a phone call. And they help me to improve my Admob configuration.

Can you give as some details?

He suggested to use interstitial ad in all my apps and set Default ECPM of “AdMob eCPM Floor Beta” bigger than "AdMob Network

Interstitals do make more money than banners.
But the rest I don’t understand… Where is the settings for the default ecpm?

Monetize->Choose apps->Edit mediation

Thanks, I’ve tried for one of my apps. :slight_smile:

Okay, that might be a good path. But - what it means bigger than AdMob Network? It means Your eCPM or is there any global value to be referenced?

I ask because in app (for now I test only one) where I made Floor Beta eCPM = $3.20 I’m getting lower eCPM than in apps without using this. So or I am using it wrongly or this plainly doesn’t work. Any experiences on that?

Last year I tested the Floor Beta with a higher eCPM and I have a general drop in the revenues, so I removed it.
Never tested again, but it was an obvious thing to do, since you hope that if there isn’t an ad for the “Floor Beta” there will be one with the Admob network.

If this worked with any of you guys, maybe I’ll tested it again.

Don’t put Floor Beta too high, in this way you’ll miss revenue. Just put it bigger than Admob Network. My config:
Floor Beta = 0.1$
Admob Network = 0.01$

It says eCPM, so what’s the logic behind this?

As I understand. It’s say first try to show Floor Beta ad with value >= 0.1$, if not go to Admob Network.

Ok, my point is that my eCPM is appx. $3.0. So why should I go with 0,10? I don’t understand that one. Floor beta got better ads?