Admob not update for 4th Nov?

My admob stats freeze for 4th Nov.
And what about you guy?

Mine is updating regularly today… I check every hour or so and it updates every time.

Mine haven’t updated today either, stuck on like 10% of what I usually make. It usually takes a day to fully update for me, but usually not this bad. I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow though.

Using old admob, Stats freeze too on 4 nov. all eCPM sudden drop 80%. Anyway, lately is there any notification of payment from admob ?

My admob(old) stats freeze for 4th Nov too!

Its updating but ecpm has gone too low.

For me ECPM about 20% of normal day. Impression show like normal day so income drop by 80%

Mine too, It’s freeze, and revenue is zero for today

Me too, CTR drop down :frowning:

guys don’t worry mine is also 10% of normal days , but it is normal problem of old admob it show clicks after 1-2 days for me

Same for me using the old admob. Earned 17$ yesterday instead of 250.

Anyways, does anyone of you know if we “old” admob users will be forced to upgrade to the new admob at some point?

Too bad, admob stats freeze 2 days…

me too ndthaik1 …
it had been 2 days since the freeze happen… but yesterday i just receive the admob payment notification :slight_smile: now only the stats is still in freezing mode… usually this will be okay after 2-4 days…

I have learned not to check my admob stats until at least the next day. A lot of times I notice a change even 2 days later.

a few moment ago my earning on 3th November changed :smiley:

My admob(old) stats freeze for 4th Nov too!

Glad to see I’m not the only one having problems :frowning:

Me too…

Mine as well, though with ecpm $0.10 lower than average…

I am using the new version of AdMob but last two days my revenue decreased dramaticly , since everbody dealing with this that must be a common issue