Admob new Payment system?

Today I saw on my admob page:
“Your AdMob account has been upgraded to a new payments system.”

and my payment details were gone. I had to fill it again. Before it was account number and bank code number (bankleitzahl). Now it is IBAN and SWIFT (new bank system).

but the problem is, it is written that I have to fill my bank details before 21st, to get the payment. This happened on 23rd, now I will wait one more month to get the money?

This is really annoying, because they again sent me small deposit to check the bank account, as they did it before :frowning:

Edit: but I think they have to pay me this month’s payment, because it was ok before 21st, and this is for the next month. Anyone having the same problem?
This bankleitzahl thing is only for Austria and Germany afaik

I have the same message on my adsense account, they should transfer your detail automatically, I never changed or added anything and I still get my monthly adsense payments to my bank account.

There was just a change in bank account numbers here some time ago, and recently admob also changed it.
Everything seems fine now, but they updated it after 23rd and after sending another small amount. I wish they will not keep it one month because it is after 21st.