Admob mediaton with other networks/MobFox

Admob offers mediation with other ad networks, for example, among others, Mobfox

MobFox offers mediation with other ad networks, for example, Admob.

The list is endless, most ad networks offer mediation with other networks, and most allow for custom unsupported networks.

How I am going to decide, with which primary network to go?

What are your thoughts, experiences, criterias?

choose, which you rely the most or which gives you the best options for tracking / payout / mediation configuration

behind the scenes, all those networks does use server2server communication, so there may be differences in how reliable those interfaces are, unfortunately I cannot give you experiences about that.

mopub had some problems the other day - there were no ads delivered - unfortunately I cannot tell if that was a problem with mopub or with admob (i think it was mopub related)


I personally went for AdMob, because it seems to provide the most flexible options for integrating custom networks. (By “custom networks” I mean those which are not officially supported or integrated, like Inneractive or Greystripe for example). It lets you override a custom ad class, and implement pre-loading of ads fully.

MoPub is also good, but doesn’t natively support pre-loading of custom ad networks yet.

I’d recommend just pick one which looks easy to understand for you, and works with the networks you already use, and implement it. You can always change mediators later, when you’ve got more experience in what works best. This will be largely a personal decision.

Just be careful not to get too confused. My first attempt at working with AdMob and MoPub ended up with an Inception-like state. My AdMob mediation was loading MoPub ads, and MoPub in turn was loading AdMob… it can get really confusing really quickly if things like this happen! :slight_smile:

I understand. So it is advisable, to not use mediation in the secondary networks.