AdMob Mediation - More than 10 Networks

I’ve been trying to implement AdMob Mediation lately, and I’ve found it quite simple for the most part. But I’m really having trouble with the web interface.

When I visit the Mediation dashboard, and go in to edit the ad networks for my mediation placement, I can only see 10 of my ad networks. I’ve actually configured 14 different networks, but 4 of them seem to be invisible.


For example, Jumptap. I know it’s been configured, because if I try to add it again I see a message “already setup”. But it’s nowhere to be found in the first page, and I can’t for the life of me see any “Next” or “Previous” buttons.

Does anyone else have this issue? In fact, has anyone tried AdMob with more than 10 mediation networks configured?


Update: This was indeed a bug with AdMob. I posted on the AdMob Developer Forum, and the issue is now fixed.

Here’s the discussion:

Me: (Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 4:06 PM)
Recently I’ve been trying to set up AdMob mediation in one of my Android apps. I’ve successfully integrated the SDK, and am able to request ads. However I’m having some trouble with the web interface.

So far I’ve added 14 networks to the mediation dashboard for this placement. But when I click on “Manage Settings” for that placement, I can only see the first 10 networks.

Where are the other 4? I can’t see any “Next” or “Previous” page buttons for the life of me. Does AdMob actually support more than 10 networks for mediation?

And if so, how can I see all my networks?


Eric: (Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 4:50 PM)
Hey David,

That’s a good question. There isn’t any technical limitation as to why you couldn’t have more than 10 networks, but I’m seeing the same behavior in the AdMob UI that it only displays 10 networks. I’ll find out why this is and get back to you.


Eric: (Tue, 10 Jul 2012 at 10:52 AM)

This issue has now been resolved. You should see all of your networks on the placement config page.


Hi David,
Do you think AdMob Mediation is better than MoPub?
How did you implement Madvertise? Are you using country targeting?


I think they’re both roughly the same, except for one thing - custom events. If you want to integrate custom networks of your own, MoPub only allows you to specify a single function. AdMob on the other hand, lets you implement a complete class which means you can pre-load ads & track conversions a lot better.

I needed that pre-loading functionality, so went with AdMob over MoPub. But, one of my custom networks in AdMob actually is MoPub… So I’ve got a mediation platform within a mediation platform (Ad-ception?)

For Madvertise I wrote a custom interstitial Activity, with a single WebView for the banner ad.

Nope - not yet, anyway. I intend to use this for better targeting Madvertise, but I’ll wait until most of my users have upgraded the app first. That way I’ll be able to observe any changes more easily (my old app version didn’t use mediation)