admob mediation help

Hello frnds I have an app with admob integerated in it…I wish to show ads from other networks in place of admob banner…wil I have to update the app or can I show the ads app is live and gets 2000 ad requests a day with cpm of .5 dollaes

In order to use Admob mediation - you will have to create a mediation thing - which will create a “mediation ID” - THIS is the id you will use to replace the previously-used “Admob ID” you were using.

Therefore you will have to update your app to use the new Admob mediation ID (that you will now setup - when you setup Admob mediation - which may have various banner ad networks etc.).

Hope this helps.

Ok …got it…but at the same time will I have to integerate sdks of other advertising networks??thanks for reply

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Every ad network that you want to use via Admob mediation - firstly that ad network will have to be supported by Admob (in the list of networks given as option in Admob mediation) - for the ad networks which require an ID, you will only need to enter the ID for that ad network (and Admob mediation will do the rest). However in all cases, you will have to include the SDK .jar file etc. and add the appropriate stuff to your AndroidManifest.xml file - just as if you were individually integrating those into your app.