ADMOB Mediation eCPM Value

Hi guys,

I have integrated one of my app with admob mediation.I have used admob,start app and mobile core interstials.How to set ecpm values in admob.I am seeing admob ads only every time.Please help me how to set eCPM values in admob mediation page .

admob == ?

startapp == ?

mobilecore == ?

The ECPM values in Admob mediation only serve to prioritize one network over another. The mediation just tries getting an ad from the network with the highest ECMP, if it doesn’t get one tries the following one (it goes from higher to lower ones).

There is a special network called Admob Floor Beta, this one works differently. E.g. you set it’s ECPM to 1$ and if it has an ad with value greater that 1$ it’s returned, no matter the ECPM of the other networks (“normal” Admob included).

Take a look at Admob documentation, it will help you.

Thanks for your response.I have seen the documentation and monetized the app with mediation.Using 4 ads Mobilecore,Startapp,Admob floor beta and normal admob.Its doing good for me till now,Have to wait and see for a week for the full report how its work