Admob June 2015 revenue = just bullshit

Where i was making $190+ with admob, it came down to $140 in june month for same impressions and downloads.

I am on to change my ad networks now.

any idea which networka performing good recently?

ad network representatives please excuse me.


I hope you will be able to give us a try at Airpush. We have plenty of campaigns running with solid CPMs and fill rate world wide.

Airpush Nick

might give try for banner ads first time and will stick to it if get good rates.

notifymob did not reply to me. i was thinking that they are best in banner ads.

Don’t want to hate on Notifymob, but all is fair in love and monetization :).

Airpush Nick

Little change in facts :smiley:

All is fair in Love and War.

What fair is in monetization is REVENUE :smiley:

I hope i will get atleast average $0.5 eCPM in banners in GP and Non GP stores.

Will give you pub party with chicks on success :D:D:D:cool::beer::beer::beer::slight_smile:

I’ll look forward to the invite :slight_smile:

With the 360 abstract ads, that should definitely not be a problem.

Let me know how it goes.


Mobilecore for interstitials and Appbrain for banners (Y)

Added to my waterfall model. thanks

It seems that Mobilecore is not as good as it used to be (have a look at other recent threads in this forum)

I’ve noticed a lot of people saying that MobileCore is not as good as they used to be, but for me they have been very consistent throughout time. Only the standard fluctuations that you would expect throughout the week and during holiday periods. It all depends where your traffic is coming from and the type of content they are serving. For me, I’m staying put, I’m still happy… :slight_smile:

Not sure how much traffic you have but if you are entertaining the idea of other advertisers, I suggest taking the time to code in an even and random split.
It is not too difficult to make it so that you attempt to show Admob 50% of the time and another network (i.e. Airpush) 50% of the time. You’ll often be surprised with the result.

Many times dev’s will cut-off traffic and switch and see a rise in cpm but not realize that the new network is providing “less than honest” numbers and it is hard to tell if it is a true boost or just that users are upgrading your app and coming back in to checkout any new features etc.

I have entertained other networks in the past and may give a few more an opportunity soon, but I never switch without a solid split test with my existing network and the new one(s).

A smart developer is a well paid developer

Their ecpm is less in June though its just 3 days in June. Hope it will increase in coming days

All ad network ecpms are ****ed!

Do you mean all major networks performing in same way in this june month?

Are there any articles about the overall “state of mobile CPC in 205” you have seen recently. The only value I recall is Google CPC reported -7% for first quarter of 2015 in their quarterly statement (this was not mobile focused though). Guess it will get worse when they sum up second quarter data. Any other advertiser doing similar reporting? Appannie or someone?

Also using admob and noticed a huge hit on revenue lately and it seems to keep going down. I’ve been using them for years and seen this happen before. Hopefully it goes back up soon.

Well, we are waiting since january… it is getting worse and worse

YES. AppBrain and MobileCore both are good.

Try switching to SuperS0nic. They’re good.

They are good on what?
Could you share your stats?