Admob - July worst month?

I have been using admob for a while now. It appears this July is one of the worst months. Usually around 20th, eCPM usually goes up. It appears this time it went down.

Particularly eCPM for US Interstitial dropped significantly lately. Anyone else notice the same issue?

Yep, lower than ever!

Yes, it is very low …They have changed lot of things this month …
They have changed the bid system to CPI … It might come to normal again …

my admob console is not updating since yesterday… I always see the same data until now… How often it updates by the way?

This is where mediation plays an important role.

Mine too, the eCPM is much less than it was before. Even when I get higher CTR, I still get 30-50% less eCPM.

and from 24th, I started to get 94-95% fill rate, first time I see this low fill rate.

when i talked to admob consultant e told me that they have made a new system which can detect the invali clicks and automatically uncount it from daily revenue

In my case CTR is even more than it was before, eCPM (CPC) is less

July has been horrible for me

Yep, really horrible.
WTH did they change to make it this bad?

Same for me, guys.

Yup, July looks like the worst month so far. Even January was better which always is bad. Last month I thought that Jun was bad, but now I don’t even want to think about August :smiley:

I see a strong drop after the 24th of July. Anybody see it?

yea, very bad. I dont understand, Google made so much revenue on adverts, developers have a big shit…

July has dropped about 30% for me. Uggggh.

27% loss here too…are they trying to see how low they can get with payments before losing a lot of developers?

Going at 47% drop at the moment. Depressing…

Comparing to June this month revenue drop will be around 14-15%, but comparing to May revenue it’s around 30% despite that ad request count is growing every month.

I need to use mediation becouse it is a disaster, 70k impres a day and no revenue… Maybe mobilecore?

I just started implementing mediation in my best game. So far I’m going with Millenial Media and InMobi, hopefully admob revenue goes back up before I get this mediation stuff working.