Admob: is this banner position allowed?

Hi guys,
I see many apps using a specific ad position that, according to Admob policies, might be not allowed. They display the banner just below a browsing menu. This is what i mean:

I am thinking about implementing such an add in my app, but it would be great to know your thoughts about it

Cool, a pony f*ck app :slight_smile:

I got my app suspended in AdMob. Banner was placed just under one single button. The bastards just stopped serving ads to the app.

As per the new policies any ad slot that might lead to an accidental click in not advisable or in other words might get you banned.

Why don’t you use the top slot??

It has gotten to be COMPLETELY FUCKING RETARDED. Google’s own Android design guide provides for an ActionBar at the top and splitting to allow Actionbar overflow in a menu at the bottom.

Even if you do not use the split, the new phones have the keys as part of the screen and that will be part of the bottom of the screen.

Sooo… you cannot have your advert at the top or the bottom of the screen, or it will be next to a menu… BY GOOGLE’s OWN DESIGN !!!

Well, I just observe if the CTR is not too high. If it is - I check if it’s not to close to anything users click too often and I fix it so accidental clicks are less likely. Although with double click ads it shouldn’t even be required.

I had a CTR of 15 to 20% with admob for several months, and no ban. So my advice is, don´t limit your observations to the CTR.

Edit: For a simple banner.

Yeah, they probably have better way to detect random click instead of CTR. Also, many (propably all text) ads require double click now.

I had same placement for about a year or so, eventually got banned for invalid clicks.

When the banner is on the bottom, next to menus like that, ctr is around 1.5%, when you take it away from menus, ctr is around 0.5%

you are better off with interstitial on that page anyway

I am currently showing House Ads, AppBrain banner ads (few), and Admob banner ads (these consist of the Admob eCPM floor beta and the regular Admob banner ads delivered via Admob mediation).

The Admob banner ads have a 1.5-1.7% CTR.

The CTR for House Ads is 1.5x that for the Admob banner - and the reason that could be is that the House Ads are for another app which is of the same genre.

However the Admob eCPM floor beta have a nearly 2x CTR - these have a poor fill rate - but perhaps when they ARE shown they get higher CTR. This means that the ads which are higher paying usually will also see a higher CTR ? Or is it that the higher-priced campaigns have more money and are able to run better ad campaigns (i.e. better ad graphics - and designed to get better audience response).

It seems the CTR for these higher paying banner ads has gotten 2x only recently - earlier it was similar to the Admob banner at 1.5% CTR or so. And the Admob banner ads also had lower CTR i.e. 0.85%-1.5%.

I had buttons all around the edges of the app - CTR was not too high. But I still tried to add some space between the buttons and the banner ad slightly.

I am a total newbie but still could not figure how to insert interstitials within a gallery of images where users will basically just browse to the right or to the left. My point: which event would trigger the interstitial in such a case?

Perhaps on entry (if there is sufficient delay as you show a splash screen etc. - that would enable new ads to be delivered in time to be shown right after splash screen - for wifi users probably). In any case Admob seems to prefer WiFi users - I have noted that fill rate is higher for wifi ads ? (perhaps the advertisers know that non-wifi will not download an app or go to their website very well if they are on GPRS etc.).

You could show an interstitial on exit - but make sure that it appears immediately (i.e. is downloaded ahead of time) - you can do this with admob interstitials- and with some others as well (leadbolt etc.). The interstitial can be an appwall as well.

If there is a Settings screen you could make it so you show an interstitial after user exits the Settings screen - so it be shown before user allowed to go back to main screen (do this rarely).

Suggested period between interstitial ad presentations - maybe one early - and after that maybe 3 minutes - any shorter and users will start to complain about “too many ads”.

I’ve just realised that showing interstitial on startup could cover the loading screen and make the game seem to load faster (for games that have long loading times) - but users wouldn’t like it anyway, I’m afraid…

I dont recommend putting an interstitial on a gallery, I would recommend a banner thats bound to either top or bottom of the screen on pages like that

What if I have apart from gallery I use another screen of categories? Would it make sense to put an interstitial on the switch between gallery view and “choose categories” view? How often do you think it would make sense to display it?

Your contributions have been very helpful, thank you all!

I am getting ctr rate is 2 to 3.initially i was getting low,after i have blocked the wechat,line messenger url…

i would put a banner on category list. can you put interstitial on every click of the gallery item?