Admob invalid activity


On 2 februari I had a lot of invalid activity on Admob. 10 times more than I earned that day and more invalid activity than I ever had before. Shouldn’t I see this invalid activity back in my earnings from that day? Now Admob is costing me money and I have to pay them 10 times more back than what I earned on that day. Are there people with similar experiences and is there a way to solve it?

Second, is it possible to see from which country the invalid activity is coming?


The illegal activity is gathered over the course of the month and then once or twice reduced from your earnings. But it seems very high in your case - maybe your ads are too close to buttons? Check unless you want to get banned. What is your CTR?

So you have to pay for invalid activity?! oh god…

Thanks for advice. CRT rates are normal at the moment, nothing changed and I never had this amount of invalid inactivity.

I can’t understand how you may pay more than your earnings because of invalid activities :

When admob detects invalid click, they juste decrease the invalid clicks revenues from your earnings.
So, the invalid revenue cannot be higher than the total revenue…

You should contact them, there may be a problem