Admob InterstitialAd

Earlier in google’s admob guide i have read that inter-initials are available for selected members…But now that particular statement is removed…see:

So i wonder:
-if admob inter-initials are available for all users even without the dashboard upgrade
-whether it is CPC or CPI
-what is the range of expected CPM

Any other information is useful since i am thinking of integrating them…thanks

I’ve been using AdMob interstitials for a couple of weeks now. It was weird when I first implemented them. I read the documentation, and it had a section where it says that only selected advertisers were eligible. When I came back a few hours later to the same page, that statement had been removed, or I was on a different page? Anyways, I couldn’t find any reference to that limitation anymore.

Long story short: I implemented interstitials as described in the docs, and they worked pretty much right away. Sometimes it takes a few minutes after creating the placement until they start working, before that I got an error “ad couldn’t be shown due to lack of inventory” or similar.

I’m getting great results. They’re CPC and I’m getting a consistent eCPM of ~ $5.00, with fill rates ~ 95%. I haven’t upgraded to the new AdMob interface yet.

hii thanks for the replay…
there is one more doubt…
is the MY_INTERSTITIAL_UNIT_ID same as the one for banner…if so how do i distinguish btw stats of banner and interinitials…?

gonna try it. Skurry, pls. clarify that you were not invited by admob for interstitial right?

I had a feeling that - the way admob worded that “you will be invited” stuff - was that one HAD to be using Admob Interstitials for something in the first place (to be invited) - so what would one use them for ? House Ads ?

So that scenario - you use House Ads - and then after some time Admob invites the user …

You are suggesting that it is perhaps even faster than that - i.e. just implementing them may eventually get you invited (or maybe the app is evaluated for if is egregiously bad or not).

The question is - what was your level of “implementation” ? That is did you just make a demo app and were testing that on your own phone/device - and that was sufficient to be eventually accepted. Or did you incorporate and release with an (existing ?) app - in which case it was running in the wild (and the app could be downloaded by admob and tested etc.).

I think admob inter-initials are available to everyone now.The earlier “need to be invited” restriction seems to be gone…
I just downloaded the sample code from admob and integrated it in 3 of my apps…lets see how the revenue goes…

What sort of traffic are you getting in terms of Geo?

Releasing a new app today, so I might try out the interstitials now that they are finally openly available. If their eCPM holds up, which I’m sure it will since this is Admob, then that combined with net30 will be great!

I believe the documentation states you should use an ID separate from the banner one.

Alkaline, all the best man. You make our nation proud.

All the best to you too man. How do I make our nation proud exactly? Haha.

About 46% Europe, 32% Americas, 22% Asia. The CPM in Asia is much worse than in the Western hemisphere (< $3.00).

With your popular apps which can compete with rest of the world. you don’t need to be a sports person to win laureates for country.

here is my stats:

app 1(90% India):$39.44(rev) 69,025(impr) $0.58(eCPM) 98.74%
app 2(mainly India):$1.25(rev) 983(impr) $1.28(eCPM) 99.29%
app 3(60% US) :$3.29(rev) 875(impr) $3.94(eCPM) 95%

Right then, I am definitely going to try Admob’s Interstitials if you guys are getting results like those.

When trying to implement these. I see the following documentation:

Create it, specifying an AdMob Publisher ID distinct from any used for banners

Does the above line means, I need to create two sites for same app (one for banners and other for interstitial)?

thats what i did…but i am not sure…

click on “Sites & Apps”

click on “Add Site/App”

Site or app type: Android App

App Name:
Some Name Interstitial

Android Package URL:

Category: Entertainment etc.
Using this fake Site or App for use with Admob Interstitial ads

or put in your app's Description (that you have in Google Developer console)
presumably that will help drive the right type of ads to your app

or put in keywords you think would help target ads for admob

(I don't really know how this works - or which of the options will help .. anyone ?)

Other Google Ads:
[x] Use keyword-targeted ads and Google certified ad networks (GCANs) to improve fill rate.
[ ] Do not use keyword-targeted ads and Google certified ad networks (GCANs) to improve fill rates.

in Sites/Apps - click on “Manage Settings” for the newly created Sites/Apps …

Publisher ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

this is the APP ID you use in your call to API:

interstitial = new InterstitialAd(activity, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx);

Then try to show these ads in your test app on your phone/device.

You will initially not see any ads.

After some hours you will start to see ads (try to avoid clicking on the ads - so Google doesn’t see your testing as excessive-clicking/click-fraud).

And Admob will also show that the Site/App has turned green (initially would be red).

Hope this helps.

I don’t know if there is still some limit on WHO gets “approved” for Admob Interstitials - but at least for two of my apps with 500K+ and 350K+ downloads the ads started showing after some hours. Maybe the same for newer apps etc.

Today I found out same thing that they removed invite part although in AdMob help section it still exists :smiley:
I think they just simply doesn’t announce it so they don’t get bombarded by interstitial ad requests.

Yeah that would make sense.