Admob Interstitial: Where is the recommended position in app

I have seen people here suggest that the best and recommended position to show Admob Interstitial is between game level. I am wondering the best place to add Admob Interstitial (exclude app launch and exit) in non-game app.

I have a tutorial app that I want to add Admob Interstitial to appear just once. Considering user experience I don’t know if they will be any issue. On this page user only read tutorial with less interaction so chances of incidental click is minimal.

What is your suggestion?

Just use interstitial ad to appear on exit of that tutorial page to home page. If you’ve more than one activity for tutorial, use interstitial for most used (you think which one ) page. Don’t add interstitial on exit of the every activity. You can put few banner ad on the pages where no interstitial is added and should make few activity ad-free also. Don’t annoy users. Being a tutorial app, user will stay sufficient time on that page; that’ll give enough time to load intstl in background.

Thanks for your reply

I have more than one activity page and the tutorial page does to go to home page rather it goes to a list of all the tutorial activity. My app is not new. It is getting to 100k download. I just want to add interstitial ad per user session in the main tutorial activity. What do you think?

I’m talking about showing ad on exit. Then load ad on the final tutorial activities and show it on exit to tutorial page.

Thanks but showing ad on exit is not recommended by Google

I don’t think interstitials on exit are prohibited by Google - it is just that doing it incorrectly can lead to app exiting (or seeming to exit - and home screen starts appearing) - and only then the interstitial appears. So in such a case the interstitial will seem to appear out of nowhere. And it is THIS type of ad presentation which is considered violating Google policy of ads should be attributable to the app etc.

But if you do interstitials on exit correctly - it should be ok.

An example of a correctly placed interstitial-on-exit is the AppBrain interstitial-on-exit - which shows a screen that asks “would you like to seen more apps” - and if user says yes - then they show the appwall. When you exit the appwall you are at your device home screen.

So anyone wanting to do an admob interstitial-on-exit - should first check if the ad is available - and ONLY then bother to show anything. If the ad is available - then you need to NOT exit the app yet i.e. not do a “finish()” - but to switch to the ad (as if you are showing it within your app while the app is still running). Then when the user exits the interstitial - you can set a flag or something (perhaps using the Admob SDK callback method) - and then in your app’s onResume() method you can watch for this - and use that as the signal to really exit the app i.e. do a finish() in onResume() etc.

I think this was mentioned in some thread here - with some example code also - so if you find that thread - perhaps you could post the link to that here as well (so this thread has the correct references).

A simpler method (which would not rely on Admob SDK callback method etc.) - would be that once you are SURE you want to show the interstitial ad - then prior to launching it - you set a flag. Then when user cancels the interstitial ad - and returns to your app - you can check in your app’s onResume() if that flag is set - if it IS set then you use that as a signal to do a finish() instead. If flag is not set then it is a regular onResume() and you can do the usual stuff that you do in onResume()

But if I add it to a tutorial activity ie it only show once when a user select a tutorial to read; is there any problem that way or is it against any admob policy. Apart of some users complaining about it

On exit to Home screen from the app is prohibited. But I’m talking about showing it exit from inner activity to .mainActivity. Then inertstitial will be within the app always.
For that you have to load interstitial first on inner activity and then override onBackPressed with ad. So put if ad loaded == yes then it’ll be shown otherwise taken to .mainActivity

The problem is that my app has around 18 activity pages and most users exit / pause the app from different activity with the home button so checking / overriding the onBackpressed callback function on the main /menu activity will produce little or no result. That is why I wanted the Interstitial ad on one of the activity page in the app rather than on exit or app launch. Hope it is clear now

I found this information on “POLICY & TRAFFIC GUIDELINES Interstitial implementation best practices” by Admob, the link is here

I quote “If your app is not a game but has many pages or sections, consider placing an interstitial ad every 2-3 pages or actions taken. Avoid placing an interstitial ad every single time the user does an action.”

What do you understand by this statement


From that link you gave:

That very clearly suggests that placing interstitial at start or at exit is NOT recommended by Google.

The webpage does not suggest that doing so would get you banned - since putting interstitial at start of app is quite prevalent - although in reality you would not usually show the ad FIRST - but usually have a screen (and then you would wait for ad to be available) and THEN show the interstitial at first opportunity. However, I HAVE seen some apps which have shown an admob ad FIRST before everything else - and this is probably not good practice as it confuses the user. Putting the interstitial on exit may also be ok if it is clear that it is an ad that is happening from within your app - as happens with the AppBrain interstitial-on-exit - where a screen appears which asks you if you want to see “More Apps” - and only then shows the appwall - so here also the user is never confused about an appwall appearing out of nowhere (something that is not suggested by the normal use of the app/functionality of the app).