Admob - Interstitial Request / Impressions and Fill Ratio


In my games impressions / request and fill ratio differs. Fill ratio is almost 100%, yet impressions are only about 50% - 60% of requests.

What’s your values?

My impressions got only 30-40%.

What about your fill rate? Is it compareable or also about 100%?

There is no problem with your numbers, 100% fill rate means that everytime you request an ad, you get one. Impression is when you actually show the ad to the user, so if the user exit the app before the requested ad is shown you’ll get less impressions than requests. It’s all normal.

I’m not sure you’re right. Cause i doubt that so many ppl exits app after launching it (i’m showing interstitial after user clicks play - so why someone would like to start a game and not play it?).

Anyway, i configured house ads and set mediation for house ad in interstitial ad unit. I hoped to fill remaining requests.

For today in my game i have:
Request - 4,570
Impressions - 1,582

So about 35%

When i look at mediation report for that unit i see:
Request - 1,525
Impressions - 1,525

So, what happens with those 3,000 request? Why i see them in network report but not in mediation report?

If you preload the ad without showing it, it counts as request, I had that problem too and it screwed with my stats and ecpm

That’s what i suspected, but why such requests aren’t on mediation report?

About your problem - how you fixed it?

I’m preloading at at app start and show it when player select “play” option in main menu. So there are two possibilities why ad isn’t showed:

  • it finish preloading after player selects “play” option
  • player exits without selecting “play”

So my only way to fix all those situations would be to show ad on exit if it weren’t showed in session.

I dont know why, I dont use mediation by admob, I use mopub.

The workaround for me was to load and show at the “play” button click. It sucks because the ad takes a few seconds to load but I had no way around it. The stats came down and ecpm is normal though

some countries have very slow internet… they might have finished using your app, and ad hasn’t loaded yet.