Admob interstitial placement

Hello Everyone…!!! .i have started using admob a month ago … In the beginning i was launching an interstitial ad during the app launch itself…due to which i was getting much more revenue than only using the interstitials in between the app usage and not in the very beginning …This lead to an increase in Impression CTR… so I discontinued launching the interstitial at the very beginning as i came to know that higher Impression CTR…poses a risk of account getting banned…But now I am confused whether to launch the ad in the beginning or not…

My Suggestion don’t remove launch ad in any case.

Users might be clicking by accident, but then again all Admob ads require to clicks now.
What is most likely the cause of higher engagement in comparison with other parts of the app is the fact that the user isn’t engaged with your app yet.

I have a call with admob’s representative about ads optimalization. She highly recommends to use interestials on app launch and in case of game with levels - between them.