Admob Interstitial in Unity 3D

Has anyone succeeded in adding admob interstitial ad in unity 3d games?
Is there a free plugin for this?I know that you can add admob banner using their own plugin.

Or do you think it is ok if i load the game in eclipse and call intertitial on a new activity on startup(which is what airpush does) ??

@vjgames … Did you implement admob interstitial in the game?

does anyone find the solution?

you can also check this:
unity plugin, I have ecpm between 5-16k$ (oO yesterday had 16$) with 70k impressions, it’s better than admob

hello ramzixp
Thanks for the post…

That’s quite an ecpm…:slight_smile:

can you share names of countries with major traffic…and do you know about their fill-rate?
thanks again

You can try MoPub, they have build-in solution.

Try my own plug-in
Admob Unity Plug-in use Google Play Services, support Interstitial