Admob Interstitial - fill rate?


What fill rate do you guys have for admob interstitial ads?

I am trying to implement them in my game but it says there is no inventory.

I have around 95% globally, it is mostly dragged down by Eastern Europe and Asian countries. I have 99-100% in countries like USA, UK, France…

It takes a few hours when you first create the Ad Unit to start having inventory…

(as Zumzum said, their fill rate is very high, above 90% globally)

Sorry to get into this, but could someone tell if the AdMob interstitial pay on a CPC or CPM basis? And what eCPM/eCPC numbers you see on average?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Been 24 hours and I am still not getting interstitials due to lack of inventory.

Thats weird, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours if I remember correctly… well, wait a little longer, and meanwhile take a look on the settings of the Ad Unit to check if there’s anything wrong, or try to create a new ad unit. Also check if your implementation is correct by comparing with the sample project (did you add the needed lines to the manifest?).

The settings in my game seem to be correct. I am displaying normal banners without problems and they are recorded just fine. Only problem is for interstitials that don’t show up. Maybe there is just no inventory for interstitials in Romania.

If this is any help I have 87 impressions for 89 demands (yeah small numbers :D) of Intersticial ads for last week in Romania.

What’s your app? I’d like to see if I get interstitial ads in your app. When should they display?

Now that you make me think about it I changed my intersticials to AdBuddiz last sunday, my numbers are from the 18 & 19 october sorry :confused:

Oh, ok then. No problem! :slight_smile: How is AdBuddiz working out for you?

AdBuddiz seems better than AdMob for now ($2.41 for 1000 impressions versus $5.61 for 14585) but my app has a very low audience so not really significant I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always great to hear positive feedback about AdBuddiz.

By the way, for those of you who have or are working on great indie games: keep in mind, if you use AdBuddiz as your primary ad solution you may be eligible for a free featuring on Giftiz, which gathers the best games of the Google Play store. Your game would need to pass our review team’s quality test. Feel free to contact me, my email is: [email protected]

Im using admob interstitials, 100,000+ impressions, 3 -4 ecpm and 98-99 % fill rate.

How are you requesting ads from admob,…
I mean using the Admob SDK 6.xx or Google_play_services(new method)

I was always out of inventory when I tried to call interstitial using google play services(crap piece of s/w)…